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Stacey Pullen Mixes Balance 028



If you haven’t guessed we’re big fans of the Balance mix compilations here at DT and alongside several other acclaimed compilation series always delivers an interesting end product. So finding out who is next up to helm the latest instalment of the series is something that we always get fairly excited about and we were particularly keen to see who’d follow up from the stellar effort Items & Things boss Magda delivered last time out. Well, the wait is over with techno veteran Stacey Pullen unveiled as the latest artist to take on an edition for the Australians.

Few techno artists can claim to have the same musical heritage as Stacey Pullen. Hailing from Detroit the DJ and producer learned his trade under the tutelage of the seminal Belleville 3, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins before making his name as one of the leading lights of the second wave of Motor City techno throughout the 90’s and achieving a similarly revered position within the scene himself.

Hitting shelves and hard drives this November, his inspiration for his set of selections is rooted in his love of the mixtape as he explains: “Growing up in Detroit, we had a history DJs who had radio shows – whether it was a mix or a show that showcased new music. My approach for my Balance mix was to compile music that I don’t get a chance to play when I’m on the road, but that’s still good music. I also wanted to give the listener a breath of fresh air and play some eclectic melodic tunes, because I love a good melody.”

You can preview the mix below.

01. rEJEKTS – Strung Out In Reno (Marc Ashken Remix)
02. Leman & Dieckmann – Stomp (Original Mix)
03. Folic State – Another (NoGo) Zone (Gurwan Remix)
04. DJ Hightech & IZT – Fearless (RaySoo Dxb Mix)
05. Atmosfear – Dancing In Outer Space (The Revenge Rework 1)
06. Miss Mee – Lets walk down (Dub Version)
07. Roi Okev – Run Giorgio Run
08. Cid Inc. – Response
09. rEJEKTS – Skinnfog (Original Mix)
10. Digitaria – Little Boy
11. Sobek – Ubomi (Original Mix)
12. Toby Dreher feat. Dirty Paul – A Try (Autotune Remix)
13. Huxley – I Want You (Deetron Remix)

01. Anderson Noise – UFO
02. Stacey Pullen – Save Ourselves
03. Stacey Pullen – I’m Coming
04. Peter Gibney – Fine Lines
05. Kevn Saunderson as E-Dancer – Foundation (Original Mix)
06. Kevin Over – 2002
07. Hoito – Modern Kush
08. Alex B – Discordant (Original Mix)
09. Chris Carrier & Hector Moralez – Disco Remodel
10. Jad & The Ladyboy – Be My Friend (Original Mix)
11. Oscar P – Reactions Of You (Original Mix)
12. Osunlade – Schavanna
13. Roscius – The Royal Albert Hall (Jona Sul Remix)
14. Tom Ellis – Off On A Tangent (Original Mix)
15. Fake Blood – Music Box (Original Mix)


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