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Uone’s Top Creativity Hacks to get the most out of your studio time



One of the most hotly-tipped leaders of the new school, Uone follows in the footsteps of Kölsch, Patrice Baumel, and Darius Syrossian to deliver a stunning two-part mix for the Balance Series that was two-and-a-half years in the making, and is composed entirely of his own material.

Not limited by boundaries, nor borders, Uone truly is a global citizen. Having spent more than a decade living a nomadic existence, he has soaked up an array of influences and cultures whilst searching the globe for the best parties and most inspiring, like-minded folk along the way.

His career has naturally ascended in this period, highlighted by appearances at Burning Man’s Robot Heart Stage, Fusion Festival, Oregon Eclipse, Secret Garden Party and Boom, all being an integral part of his journey. His production profile continues to rise as well, with releases on labels like Stil Vor Talent, Sol Selectas, Katermukke and his own imprint Beat & Path consistently showing his ability for creating classy, hypnotic slices of deep house and techno.

To celebrate the release of the compilation, Uone has given us his Top Creativity Hacks to get the most out of your studio time and you can grab a copy here!

Don’t be afraid to be nostalgic

I am a total sucker for revisiting and digging for riffs on golden oldie AM radio classics to slice into my productionOften starting with a couple of notes from a classic hook can inspire and provide the creative basis for an entire track.  Quincy Jones commented last year that western composers have been working with the same 12 notes for hundreds of years. You could say, in a sense, all music has already been written, every new song was written is unique and is in some way an iteration of another song, melody or story.

Working on trains & planes

The actual process of travelling, moving forward over land or clouds leaves me feeling inspired whenever I am travelling. It lends a sense of story to whatever production I am working on, a visual stimulus outside of my laptop screen that rolls on whether I look at it or not. Being isolated with little to do allows me the mental space to focus on listening and studying music. It’s to have a moment where nothing else is on hand to distract the mind.

Morning Ritual

I find my creativity is best early in the morning. I love a sunrise walk; catching the first rays of light to touch the earth and to stare at the sun as it comes over the horizon, letting its rays enter your body and then taking this energy and heading straight into the studio. This is when the magic happens. It’s at this point I find clarity and I can harness creativity. Essentially this is my own personal meditation.

Connecting with Nature

I am blessed to have my studio on the second story of a barn at my property (also known as Ranch-O-Relaxo) on the Mornington Peninsula, an hour out of Melbourne. The studio sits in the middle of 30 acres of gardens, a lake, veggie patches, birds and nature. If I’m ever struggling for creativity I take a moment amongst the gardens and listen to nature.

Parking a project

Ideally, the core theme for making a track comes out in the studio within two hours. I find that jamming and recording a bunch of ideas, not overthinking details is the best way to generate fresh sounds and find inspiration. It can be best to leave the project for a couple of days and come back with a fresh perspective. You’ll either be totally into what you created or you might throw it into the trash and start again. It’s all part of the process!

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