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Debut Transmission: Lokane – Shake The Gears


IM034 - Lokane - The Eastway Project copy
Off the back of his Nervous Horizon debut, Lokane keeps up the pressure with The Eastway Project, dropping August 28th via Infinite Machine.

Marking the London producers first full EP, The Eastway Project collects 4 club killers that keep energy levels up, whilst still remaining thoroughly rude. Opener ‘Shake The Gears’ finds frantic, razor-sharp percussion backed up by the blunt force trauma of kick-heavy structures. Oh, and we’ve been officially informed those vocal samples do NOT say “dick cancer”.

Yet another hole in one for Infinite Machine, The Eastway Project blurs the lines between grime and footwork, leaving us with a sneaking suspicion that Lokane is the mutant lovechild of Mumdance and Addison Groove. And if that hasn’t convinced you it’s worth your hard-earned cash, just take a listen to ‘Shake The Gears’ below.


01.Shake The Gears
03.Eastway Project
04.The 5th


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