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Solsan lands on Drum Army with ‘The Occult’ EP


Just as they started off 2020, Drum Army kick off 2021 in the same fashion – with a release by the extraordinary talent Solsan! This time it is not a free download single but a versatile EP! 

With his ‘The Occult’ EP Solsan shows exactly what we appreciate in his music. Namely, his unmistakable production style, which lies somewhere between deep tech Drum & Bass and mystical Jungle vibes. His music is also more advanced than ever before – epic harmonies meet sophisticated percussions and deep wobbling basslines. ‘The Occult’ EP contains five tunes which in Drum Army‘s opinion can all be described as absolute bangers in their very own way!

Being a classically trained musician, Solsan has always centred his life around music. A multi-instrumentalist and composer, he found himself being sucked into the Drum & Bass vortex while at university, where he read Music.

With his aptitude for composing and a desire to write Drum and Bass, he soon honed his production skills and got to work. Grooving slowly to liquid at the start of his career, he settled into his stride and found the sound he is now known for; deep groovy minimal Drum & Bass with a Tribal, flute twist. This unique sound not only satisfies his instrument playing ability but creates a strong electro-acoustic fusing of two worlds.

Today we premiere the title track ‘The Occult’ which starts with deep, haunting atmospherics before unholy hell is unleashed. Grimey, dark and foreboding, it’s enough to scare off any of the dark lords minions!

Check out ‘The Occult’ below. The EP drops on 15th January via Drum Army and is available for you to grab from here


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