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Solsan drops his ‘Red Wolf’ EP on Celsius Recordings


Hailing from Sussex, Solsan sculpts his sound from the eclectic bohemian culture that is the seaside town of Brighton, where he resides. Being a classically trained musician, this producer and DJ incorporates his flute into his music to provide a unique perspective of Drum & Bass. Inspired by the likes of Philth, Dilemma, Klinical and Kimyan Law, Solsan brings his sound fused with these inspirations to his productions. His ‘Red Wolf’ EP is no different; thrusting together tribal influences with his musical creativity, this release is an encapsulation of Solsan’s sound.

Kicking off the EP is the title track: ‘Red Wolf’. Like a weather front of cool liquid meeting hot minimal tech, ‘Red Wolf’ is a storm of percussive elements, growling synths and light, airy flutes and pads.

Next come the deep, growls numbers of ‘Aghori’ and our premiere ‘Mictlān’. Both plunging to dark, murky depths, both perfect face melters.

Finishing the EP is a homage to Native American chant; ‘Toltec’. This fourth track is not some wistful, reflective number, however. With approval and support from Etherwood, Random Movement and Sweetpea, ‘Toltec’ is a certified banger and a perfect close to the ‘Red Wolf’ EP.

Solsan releases his ‘Red Wolf’ EP on Fokuz’s sister label Celsius Recordings on Monday 1st June as a Beatport exclusive and everywhere else on 15th June. Check out our premiere of ‘Mictlān’ below and be sure to grab the EP from here


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