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Tyler Frost drops ‘Shadows’ EP on Drum Army


After almost two years Tyler Frost returns to Drum Army with yet another stunning piece of work. His new EP, ‘Shadows’, follows in line with his previous work and delivers four fantastic tunes showcasing his unique style. ‘Shadows’ is uncompromising and direct and yet at the same time feels so alive. Progressing over every track, ‘Shadows’ takes you on a mysterious journey of dark atmospheres, moving basslines and beautifully crafted drum breaks. Even though the EP is very diverse in its own way it comes together as one coherent piece.

“People who claim that culture has nothing to do with politics are wrong, because the zeitgeist shapes culture and politics shapes the zeitgeist. That’s why we decided for our next release with Drum Army to set an example and donate all the money we raise to the Ukrainian Red Cross, which provides humanitarian aid on the ground.

The war as it is currently taking place in Europe is barbaric and a crime of the highest magnitude. The Russian government is harming not only the obvious victims of the war in Ukraine, but also its own population, which for the most part wants nothing to do with it and is gathering in large cities in the tens of thousands to protest against it.

We will be completely transparent and openly communicate the income one month after the publication!

Make culture not war! – Drum Army

Massive props to Drum Army for their pledge to send all proceeds to the Ukrainian Red Cross. This is one of the things I love most about our scene, it’s that when shit hits the fan we come together as a community to help in any way we can.

Today we premiere ‘Nebula’ which you can check out below. The ‘Shadows’ EP drops on Friday 25th March, makes sure you grab a copy and help support the victims of the travesty happening to the people of Ukraine and the innocent people in Russia being forced to wage an unjust war. Show your support here!

Shadows cover

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