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RUN IN THE JUNGLE drop their first album sampler


After the immense success of their chart-topping remix of DJ Zinc‘s ‘Super Sharp Shooter,’ RUN IN THE JUNGLE is thrilled to unveil their debut album! The first sampler from the album includes the highly anticipated tracks ‘Riko’s Revenge,’ ‘Switcher,’ and ‘Water Pump.’

The trio, which is a brand new and exciting artist project that is made up of D*Minds and T>I, has already gained tremendous support across the music scene. They’ve earnt recognition from esteemed artists such as Andy C, Hedex, Camo & Krooked, A.M.C., Sigma, Noisia, Charlie Tee, Goldie, DJ Marky, Lens, Mefjus, Harriet Jaxxon, Serum, Bladerunner, and many others.

In the lead-up to the self-titled ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ album, several additional samplers are scheduled for release, building anticipation for the late summer 2023 album launch. The campaign will feature a Spotify mix, an exclusive limited USB package containing bonus material and merchandise, followed by a digital release of the album available on all platforms. Furthermore, fans can look forward to exciting RUN IN THE JUNGLE remixes dropping throughout the album cycle.

Today we premiere ‘Riko’s Revenge’ which you can check out below. The first album sampler drops this Friday 30th June, you can get your hands on a copy from here!



What inspired you to collaborate on the project RUN IN THE JUNGLE?

We had met a few times before, but only got chatting to each other properly at Hospitality in the Park one year. It led to us releasing some collab’s on a few for Critical Music and RUN. We quickly realised how well we got on, our sounds pretty much clicked instantaneously. It was very natural to all of us and there was no pressure – just a fun, creative & easy workflow. We (D*Minds) had this ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ idea that we were developing. To start with, it was more of an extension of our RUN events. We used the name as a touring arm for the events and then from there, we started releasing EP’s on RUN under the ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ umbrella. Before we knew it, we’d landed on the realisation that ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ was a development process that led to the coming together of the three of us. We didn’t necessarily choose the name, or have the initial idea that it would even be an artist project. The entire process was very natural and organic. Although we instantly clicked in terms of making tracks, we were conscious about taking the time to find out what our exact vibe and direction was and what ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ stood for. Although there’s a ‘Jungle’ reference in the name, it’s not literal to the stereotypical meaning of the word ‘Jungle’ when referring to music. We’re not solely producing or playing ‘Jungle’, the reference is more about our landscape, the environment we experience and draw inspiration from. 

Can you tell us a bit about the concept and overall theme of RUN IN THE JUNGLE?

It’s about staying true to our sound, our experience and our journey. We’re not trying to be anybody else but ourselves. It’s a space where we can learn from each other, push each other’s ideas and experiment without boundaries. To quote “If it’s runnin’, it’s runnin”, thats the primary focus. 

How do you approach the creative process while working on this project together?

We’re based in two different ends of the UK but use the same studio gear so it’s quite easy to replicate sound between studios. It’s funny because even before we send each other stems or a project, we’re predicting what the other person’s going to do! The whole process becomes pretty exciting, and we are constantly trying to push the creativity of each other’s work. 

What can fans of D*Minds and T>I expect from RUN IN THE JUNGLE in terms of sound and style?

I think people have a good idea about what they’re going to get when we make a ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ track. That being said, we’re not trying to be predictable in any way. In short, they can expect tough rolling underground bangers, with a side of unpredictability. 

Are there any specific artists or genres that influenced the sound and direction of this project?

Spending so much time in and around the scene has enabled us to soak up so many angles of ‘Jungle / Drum & Bass’. It’s like we have an infinite memory bank and library to pull from in the idea’s stage of a track, whether it be a hardcore influenced rave stab to a Dj Trace style reece or an amen drum track. Pulling a vibe from a certain era is easy to describe as we’ve all been there and felt it.

Are there any standout tracks on the album that hold special meaning to you personally?

‘Super Sharp Shooter’ Remix was a highlight, Dj Zinc has been one of our favourite pioneers ever since we first heard him. Being asked to remix one of his most iconic tracks was a mind-blowing moment.

Testing the tracks in our sets has been amazing. You get a feel for what your favourite tracks are and once you’ve been involved in the reaction and buzz, you really start to understand the tracks more. But the body of work in its entirety is what we hold close and is special to us.

Will there be any featured artists or vocalists on the album? If so, can you give us a sneak peek?

Plenty of sickness from Jakes and Carasel, plus some features from good friends that we’re not ready to reveal just yet. 

Are there any plans for live performances or tours in the works?

We’re celebrating the release of the album with some shows across the summer including Glastonbury Festival, Rampage (Belgium), Hospitality On The Beach (Croatia), The Warehouse Project (Manchester) and  Run All Day (Bristol) to name a few. We’re super gassed to have the chance to play together and let people hear everything we’ve been working on.

In what ways do you think RUN IN THE JUNGLE will push the boundaries or offer something unique within drum and bass?

Raw underground Drum & Bass is what we are about, whether it be soft and moody or aggy and energetic. 

What message or feeling do you hope to convey to your audience through this project?

Stay true to your craft and do what inspires you. Everything works in cycles. Our aim is to stay on course with authenticity and be driven by the love and passion that drew us to this ever-evolving melting pot of music, sound and culture.

Can you share any interesting anecdotes or stories that occurred during the making of the album?

Only that, in our music and private lives, we all spin plates like you wouldn’t believe. It’s amazing we got this far, but we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Do you have any future projects or collaborations in mind that you’d like to explore?

We have some really interesting remixes we’re currently working on, plus a bunch of releases to follow the album. ‘RUN IN THE JUNGLE’ is definitely not set to be a flash-in-the-pan one-off project. So stay tuned for what’s to come!


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