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T>I drops his new EP ‘The Locksmith’ on C.I.A Records


Next up to dine at the C.I.A Records top table is none other than The Infuriator himself, the infamous T>I with his ‘The Locksmith’ EP. Making serious waves over the last few years to say the least, T>I has become a name synonymous with stripped back and minimal trickery and his ‘The Locksmith’ EP brings that trademark Norwich Colmans ping as standard, getting you more than ready to lob your Fray Bentos Chicken & Mushroom across the front room.

We probably all know that anger that comes when you have to call out ‘The Locksmith’. My guy’s going to sting you for a chunk of cash to drill out your front door. This could be the soundtrack to either the drilling or the murder style the track suggests.

Sounding possibly repentant for lobbing that pie, but probably not, as they definitely deserved it, ‘Bongolian Belt Roller’ rolls and chugs it’s way alongside its classic soul sample.

And pies are flying all over the shop with ‘Let It Go’, it’s classic breaks teamed with new school drums and whopping bass stabs. And it sure would be a totally ‘Valid Statement’ to say this EP’s gonna pop off; V style samples and knocking bass taking you to some sweaty underground Bristol rave in 2045.

T>I brings a true four-course meal to C.I.A with his ‘The Locksmith’ EP – it’s chewy, not chalky!

Today we have the privilege of premiering the title track, which you can check out below. T>I drops his new EP on C.I.A Records this Friday 3rd September. make sure you grab this monster EP from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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