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Confusion drops ‘Reality Check’ on Hoofbeats Music


Hoofbeats Music introduces the latest addition to their roster of talented local artists, Confusion, who brings ‘Reality Check’ to the fold.

Embarking on a sonic journey saturated with ultrasonic frequencies, the atmosphere grows eerie, hinting at a sense of unease. Suddenly, a thunderous drumbeat emerges, reminiscent of an impending judgment day. The tension becomes tangible as a computerized voice speaks, preparing you for the worst, only to reveal it as a mere dream. Or is it? Brace yourself for a ‘Reality Check’ that delivers impactful drums, prominent synths, and a weighty, modulated bassline, aimed at rousing you from this nightmare. Yet, it could also be an endeavour to plunge you further into the depths of the unknown. Your surroundings blur, making it impossible to discern what’s real and what’s a figment of your imagination.

True to his moniker, Confusion toys with your perceptions, delivering an enthralling Neurofunk masterpiece that is bound to ignite the club scene. Don’t underestimate the power of this release!

Hailing from the Czech Republic, Confusion is a renowned Drum & Bass producer and DJ known for his distinct sound design, original basslines, and psychedelic elements. His mixes are guaranteed to keep you on your feet, as he never fails to deliver an electrifying experience.

Confusion’s journey began with his debut track, ‘Rat’, which saw its release on the esteemed Raving Panda label. Later, the track became a part of the Russian VA compilation on YOU SO FAT Records. He followed this success with a remix on Raving Panda and the track ‘Scoville Heat’, which found its place in another VA compilation on Darkside Records.

In early 2019, Confusion unveiled his first EP titled ‘Paranoid’, swiftly followed by a collaboration with the Austrian duo Cranium on the track ‘Crawler’. This collaboration significantly raised Confusion’s profile and garnered widespread recognition.

Continuing his impressive discography, Confusion released several more tracks, including the immensely successful ‘Jellyfish VIP’. In 2021, he presented his next EP, ‘Hesitancy’, on the Neurofunk label, What Else?!.

Towards the end of 2021, Confusion joined forces with Symplex for a collaboration released on the world-renowned Cause4Concern label, further cementing his position in the industry.

In 2022, Confusion released ‘Perplexed VIP,” ‘Cracker’, and ‘Nightshade’ showcasing his ongoing dedication to creating captivating music.

Check out our premiere of ‘Reality Check’ below. The track drops via Hoofbeats Music on Friday 30th June, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Confusion 'Reality Check' cover