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Our pick of D&B acts to see at Printworks’ final season


Over the past six years, Printworks has hosted some of the world’s best electronic music talent. Their biggest season to date will be a celebration of the history of Printworks and a farewell to the venue for the last time in its current guise. With those big old doors threatening to close for the foreseeable future, we take a look at the Drum & Bass events that are yet to happen. Myself and one of our aspiring new artists Entropy have put our heads together, for a bit of a different feature. We have each chosen 5 acts that you should check out if you’re planning on attending any of the forthcoming events. I thought it would be interesting to see the difference between a young head’s recommendations and an old(er) head’s!

Shelley’s Picks

Natty Lou b2b D*Minds – Let It Roll

I couldn’t not include Natty Lou, she is one of our DTRadio residents and she has been absolutely destroying dancefloors over the last couple of years. She has her first release dropping on 10th Feb and her debut Printworks appearance on the same day…it’s written in the stars! D*Minds have been on the scene for many many years going back to the early 90s and are the brains behind RUN, a notorious brand with a great vision. Look out for a collab coming between Natty Lou and D*Minds, which I have on good authority they will be playing on Friday night!

Magnetude – Let It Roll

For those following my Soundcloud uploads, you will know by now that I am a big fan of Magnetude. These guys have really been through the mill recently and faced struggles most of us cannot even begin to fathom, but nothing has deterred them or slowed them down, they get their heads down and carry on producing some of the best music I’ve heard in recent years. Their high-energy sets have you working up a sweat in no time.

Randall – DNB Allstars

What can I say other than “Raaannddaaalll” (fantasise GQ’s voice)! Known to many as the DJs DJ Randall has been around since day dot and many (possibly most) artists have named him as one of their inspirations. Randall is definitely one of my favourites, you never know what tricks, wobblers and absolute gems he has in his arsenal. Every set I attend, at some point, I can guarantee that I will be blown away and have to take a moment to collect myself and unfuck my brain!

Gardna LIVE – Worried About Henry

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Gardna a couple of times now, once at Illusive festival 2021 and again at Mucky Weekender 2022 and both times I’ve had a complete blast. His sets are fun and engaging and you can tell he’s having the time of his life up on the stage which takes the whole experience to another level.

SOLAH & Emma B – Hospitality

SOLAH has carved a name for herself as one of the best vocalists in the D&B scene over the last few years. She has put her voice to some amazing records and put out her debut album in October 2022 to critical acclaim. Emma B is a rising DJ/artist who is really pushing the boundaries of D&B and fights for equality in the scene. These 2 ladies together are a force to be reckoned with and I think we are only scratching the surface of what they can accomplish.

Entropy’s Picks

Mandidextrous – Let It Roll

Mandidextrous has been a DJ since around 1998 and is pioneering a new sound in drum & bass, bringing an exciting new four-to-the-floor sound to the genre. I’m really looking forward to her set, it is always nice to have a change of flavour throughout the night.

Camo & Krooked b2b Mefjus – Let It Roll

Camo & Krooked with Mefjus have been playing and producing together for a while and launched a label together, MODUS, last year. Their combined production quality is unrivalled at the moment, producing my favourite song of 2022, ‘Break Away’. I last saw Camo & Krooked at RAM30 at Printworks, they were the highlight act of the event for me. My all-time favourite track of their collabs is 2020s ‘No Tomorrow’.

Kanine – Worried About Henry

Kanine has risen to new heights in recent years with a long career shaping ahead of him. Originally recognised as one of the leading names in the new wave of Drum & Bass producers, his sound is evolving all the time. The last time I saw Kanine live was at Detonate 2021. He was by far one of the highlight acts of the festival. His releases never disappoint with ‘The Weapon’ being one of my favourites from last year.

A.M.C – Hospitality

Future-driven but foundation-focused, A.M.C embodies the strongest and most critical traits a drum & bass artist can have: Attention to detail, technical articulation and patience. A.M.C is a 4 times best DJ winner at the Drum&BassArena Awards, 2019 -2022. His DJ sets are on another level when it comes to energy and are always a highlight of the night.

UNGLUED – Hospitality

Unglued is a great artist, known across the world for his remix of High Contrast ‘If We Ever’. He is well on his way to becoming drum & bass royalty with a remarkable back catalogue, as well as being known for his energetic DJ sets which blur the borders of BPMs with ruthless blends. He has a wide range of sound and is a strong influence for my own sound.

So there we have it. Who are you most looking forward to seeing smash up the dance?!

For more information and tickets to the remaining Drum & Bass events at Printworks go to their website here!

Let It Roll Printworks flyer
DNB Allstars Printworks flyer
Hospitality Printworks flyer

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