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Native X DIS:TURBED ‘Geiger’ [Identity Records]


Native X DIS:TURBED ‘Geiger’ [Identity Records]

With fierce crackling sounds that bend the very fabric of sound, Identity Records has another dose of blistering subs and crunchy snares in the form of the ‘Mindstate’ EP by Native. Four tracks showcasing this producer’s talent for crafting mind-numbing grooves coupled with intensely crisp sound design, it’s a heady journey into the dark side you won’t soon forget.

With a rambunctious intro featuring a disorienting ricochet of growling bass and searing FX, ‘Mindstate’ effortlessly morphs the tension into a deep hard groove that forms the core of the track. The infectious vibration of the sub keeps the track driving at a breakneck pace, with the insistent static of the distorted motif ceaselessly worming into your brain. This is one no dancefloor can resist.

‘D.F.T.C.’ enters the fray with a mesmerizing blend of hypnotic vocal samples, twisting layers of FX, and crisp drum work that collide and clash together to give the song its infectious nature. The buzzing vibe created by the collision of the crunchy snare, fuzz of the bass growl, and white noise chatter of the glitch FX catapults you into deep subspace, and solidifies the unforgettable groove it possesses.

As its name suggests, deep and heavy is the driving force behind ‘Gorilla’. Piercing insect-like atmospherics build the song into an overwhelming drop; the snares function as a gunshot blast that slaps you across the face with its brittle force, as the subterranean bass muscles in with newfound tones of sub-bass. With a sinister warbling maze of FX further intensifying the track, this is one that was made to dominate the biggest sound systems.

Linking with boss man DIS:TURBED, ‘Geiger’ provides the ultimate sledgehammer of a finale. With an addictively deep sub dragging you along as the incessant snare echoes through the skull, it creates a signature landscape that is hauntingly strange yet familiar.  It’s the perfect kind of minimal tune – one that instantly becomes a part of you and never seems to end.


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