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Buckley joins Identity Records with his ‘Vertigo’ EP


Reaching deeper into the darkest depths of Drum & Bass, Identity Records calls forth the next purveyor of earth-shattering basslines and crackling snares: Buckley. The ‘Vertigo’ EP consists of four fresh tracks exploring every permutation of sound, it’s a heavyweight release that hits with the force of a nuclear explosion. 

The opening track ‘Vertigo’ disorients you right out of the gate, with its mind-warping vibrato effect and chatter of FX laden drums working in perfect unison. Once the drop hits, the song goes pitch black from a gravity-defying sub and eerie swirls of FX. The sub being the driving force of the track, it creates a relentless dark vibe that unites the heady world of atmospherics with hard-hitting aspects of techy Drum & Bass in a wholly original way. 

Next up we have ominous atmospherics that evoke the heaviest of vibes, the minimalistic rhythm that opens ‘Affirmations’ winds up the tension expertly. Joined by a throbbing sub that threatens to tear the speakers apart, the sudden switch to wobbly blasts of force takes you by complete surprise. Sealing things off with waves of hat shuffles, this track is a real methodological masterpiece.

The smooth and deep liquid vibes of ‘Out on You’ come drifting in next. Featuring a thick chunky rhythm that harmonizes perfectly with the mesmerizing tones of the bassline, the song surges forward with intense force yet carries you along gently through mental space. The vocal refrain echoes endlessly in your brain, linking perfectly with the snare that is as meticulous as it is satisfying.

Closing out the EP is ‘Faceless’ which brings out an eerie rolling intro that recklessly crashes into a throbbing minimal drop, the kind that sets you ablaze. The furious collage of frenetic drums, warbling FX, and blasts of bass growls make for a tough yet hypnotic tune that seems to go on forever, and one that you wish really would. Subtle shifts in pacing throughout the song further drive home the techy vibes that drive the core of this track.

Today we premiere ‘Affirmations’ which you can check out below. Buckley drops his ‘Vertigo’ EP on Friday 30th July, grab a copy for your collection via the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!