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DIS:TURBED drops ‘Oversensitive’ EP on Identity Records


Known for its heavyweight vibes and love of stripped-back subs, Identity Records has got something in store that hits this on the bullseye. At long last, the boss man DIS:TURBED himself finally delivers his own EP – one filled with hard-edged beats, thick as mud atmospheres, and meteoric shuffle patterns that defy the limits of everything that has come before. The ‘Oversensitive’ EP is exactly the Drum & Bass we all have been longing for!

The title track starts the EP off with a serious explosion, being a collaboration with both Teej and Hadley. All three of these producers are notorious for their dominating styles; together they whip up a frenzy consisting of a fierce vocal delivery, buzzing blasts of noise littered around the soundscape, and a driving rhythm that’s too die for. The blending of all these elements is instantly infectious, and one that will be stomping dance floors to pieces.

‘Words over Weapons’ is a dark and moody number that hones the power of minimalism to perfection. Pushing the kick and snare to the forefront, the interplay between these elements keeps the energy flowing. Subtle waves of FX and hat shuffles pepper the sound in fascinating ways, from the melodic throb of the pads to the frenetic pacing the hat section launches Into. It’s a seductive tune, one that insidiously permeates the fabric of your being.

With a fuzzed-out intro hinting at the twisting motif to come, ‘Rat Run’ employs a throbbing bassline that hypnotizes you into submission. As it carries you along, the snap of the snare and the haunting atmosphere takes you on a journey into the nether regions. The subtle use of space and silence creates a dynamic force that evokes a feeling of blasting into hyperspace.

Refusing to let up, DIS:TURBED brings us his welterweight remix of Juson‘s ‘No Time’. Between the overwhelming deep tones of the sub, the techy drum work, and the shifting landscape of growls and wobbles, the song pummels you into submission with it’s pulsating rhythm patterns that are tougher than concrete. With a workout of this calibre, it’s only further proof of the dynamic depths this producer can reach.

Today we premiere ‘Words over Weapons’ which you can check out below. DIS:TURBED drops his ‘Oversensitive’ EP on Identity Records on 30th September, make sure you grab yourself a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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