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Marc Renton lands on Drum Army with ‘Signal Waves’


If you know and follow the Drum Army label, then the name Marc Renton should already be familiar to you. The artist with Austrian roots, who lives in Munich, stands out first and foremost for his independent and extremely creative productions.

Marc Renton, after having released his debut EP ‘Atarashii’ on Drum Army last year, returns to the imprint with another masterpiece. The aspiring and unconventional talent has undergone a major change this year. In addition to his massive technical production improvements, his style has also changed. He fundamentalises these changes on his new EP ‘Signal Waves’, which will be released on 25th October. This is deep and atmospheric Drum &Bass to Ambient Electronica – handcrafted in Munich.

Marc Renton leads a double life. During the day he works at a IT company. However, any spare time in between, all surroundings are transformed into audio-visual ideas that will make us aware of the border to the known. 

Born in eastern Germany in 1986, he moved around quite a bit within Austria (Vienna, Graz, Villach), Switzerland (Lucerne) and Germany (Freiburg, Munich) and even to the Philippines. New environments always increased his perception and changed the way he views life. 

Life is too short for hearing known sounds again and again. Sparetime shall be enriched by border-cutting ambient-spheres and intelligent designed Drumfunk.

Simple but nevertheless sophisticated beats, deep booming basses and mystical atmospheres characterize his second EP on Drum Army. Is it still Drum & Bass? Our answer is…Yes! Inspired by the music of legendary labels like Samurai Music in combination with his very own dreamy style Marc Renton creates with his ‘Signal Waves’ EP, something which is difficult for many musicians nowadays. He puts a dance music genre, already very well known to us, in a completely new light!

Today we premiere ‘The Belters’ which has quite a dark, minimal sound. His use of atmospherics is brilliant, coupled with funky drums and a booming bassline and you’ve got the ingredients for an absolute ‘belter’!

Check out Marc Renton ‘The Belters’ below. His ‘Signal Waves’ EP drops on 25th October so make sure you grab it from here


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