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Identity Records return for their 3rd release


Identity Records is back for round three, further establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with. ‘The Third Kind’ EP contains four more tracks that plummet to the depths of the dark side of Drum & Bass. Exploring the world of the outcast, the mutant, the supernatural, the streets, the gangster, and everything else left of center that has so influenced this genre. Get ready for a rollercoaster as each track spins and twists in the most unexpected of ways.

Identity Records ‘The Third Kind’ EP starts out heavy with some subterranean bass, foreboding atmospheres, and melancholic vocals from Katon with ‘Body Flicka.’ Starting off with spooky atmospherics that blend seamlessly with the groove heavy beat, coalescing into such an infectious tune that it’s no wonder the deep and dark side inspires such devotion. As its name implies, it is impossible to resist the urge to step to this song with every ounce of feasible energy. This is definitely one of those rolling tunes that you never want to end no matter how many times you hear it.

Next up is our premiere, Recon with ‘Excuses.’ Once the drop hits it’s fully evident he means serious business, crafting a tune so fierce and engaging that it overwhelms the mind. Orchestral stabs dot the soundscape, becoming especially intense during the halftimey break. The build into the second drop is fluid, it bypasses the senses into complete submission.

Next, head honcho DIS:TURBED joins with ARRAY on ‘Primitive Insitinct VIP.’ This is a serious workout of a track, instantly establishing why he’s the man running the show, calling to mind the image of a true mafia don. A killer bassline dominates, backed by a relentless snare with all the mutating effects and high energy cymbal work you could ask for. It’s a track that wastes no time in embedding itself on your mind, and is destined to devastate any dancefloor it comes into contact with. 

Last but not least, for the definition of an addictively hard beat, look no further. Rezzlek’s ‘PAT’ brings the world of dark jungle into the modern world. The monstrous vibration of the bass, the rising atmospherics and FX sprinkled throughout, the chop of the snare, and the subtle intrusion of the cymbals reveal a monstrous track of epic proportions. This tune holds nothing back as it surges along, possessing the listener so intently everything outside of it dissolves away.

‘The Third Kind’ EP is a beautifully put together release and is sure to put Identity Records firmly in the minds of D&B lovers.

Check out Recon ‘Excuses’ below. ‘The Third Kind’ EP drops on 30th October! This track is a free download which you can get from here!


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