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Lexxion & Shapeless combine on ‘Deeper Like This’


Around 4 years ago, Shapeless and Lexxion separately reached out to (the now retired) Complex. Proving themselves as DJ’s in a multitude of mixing sessions along with already established locals they became residents. Back then Lexxion was leaning more towards the club/dancefloor sound and Shapeless was mostly liquid centered. As their friendship matured they delved further into the drum & bass scene, visiting many parties and gaining a wide perspective of what they define as “vibes”. During this time, Mellijn and Alex spend a lot of time spinning tunes and making tracks together. Their style shifted more towards a deeper sound while still maintaining the elements that initially made them fall in love with Drum & Bass. Having played multiple events B2B like TRIBE, MadNes Festival, HIGH TEA Amsterdam and many more, it’s safe to say that these guys’ definition of vibes will definitely make your feet move!

Our premiere ‘Deeper Like This’ exemplifies this like no other. It starts off slowly with a calming lo-fi hip-hop sound, and trademark stabs that return throughout the track, slowly getting you moving when the intro ramps up to a drum and bass rhythm. The groove then gets picked up with a jazzy slap bass slowly guiding is to the drop, where everything turns upside down and the track transforms into a groovy deep hitter, showing off Lexxion & Shapeless’ definition of vibes!

These vibes are woven through the essence of ‘Deeper Like This’ as it keeps you nodding and grooving all throughout the first drop, breakdown and the exemplary switch-up at the second drop. This is one of those tracks that just doesn’t let go, and is sure to do amazingly in every set!

Lexxion & Shapeless ‘Deeper Like This’ lands on Differential Recordings Various Artist compilation ‘Affinity’ EP on 15th November. You can check out ‘Deeper Like This’ below and grab it from here


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