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Dustkey drops new EP on Differential Recordings


Hailing from Tilburg, the Netherlands, Dustkey is a young D&B producer and DJ with a love for soulful and atmospheric melodies. His musical background, attention to detail and patience for the craft have garnered him releases at High Tea and Differential, as well as gigs at Liquicity, Nox, Fiber and several club nights throughout his country.

Dustkey 'Central Station Player' EP artwork

In early 2019, breaking through with his track ‘Hidden Love’, Dustkey solidified his melodic, moving sound in the scene and caught the eye of liquid fans all around. As a co-founder and member of the Dutch D&B label Differential Recordings, he helped other artists shape their sound, and strives to contribute to the scene even further.

Dustkey’s newest EP, ‘Central Station Player’, exemplifies what he stands for; melodically driven danceable tracks with catchy riffs and a strong emphasis on identity. Each and every track is soaked in soul and has a unique touch to it, which keeps any and all listeners coming back for more.

Our featured track ‘Blow Fire’ is sure to get a crowd grooving. Dustkey teams up with resident deep connoisseur Petroll, a collaboration that yields a track that really needs a league of its own. It sets you off with some halftime hip-hop, only to land you smack dab in the middle of a unique blend of melody, tech, atmosphere and flow. Just when you think you’ve got the gimmicks figured out, the dynamic duo switches up the composition to blow you away a few more times, all the while keeping a solid conformity to the atmosphere. After your first listen you should really press play again, this time with pen and paper ready to really take in everything that you’ve just experienced!

Check out Dustkey & Petroll ‘Blow Fire’ below and grab a copy of ‘Central Station Player’ EP here


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