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Auris debuts on Differential with ‘Cold Feet’ EP


Hailing from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Jos Vlaar aka Auris delivers his debut four track EP on Differential. He’s been working as a DJ for several years already, refining his tastes and setting a clear benchmark for his sets.

Auris uses a plethora of soul and jazz and hints at the deep and dark side of things stand him on good ground. Recently he’s put more attention into his productions and his work is starting to bear its fruits. Despite a short back-catalogue, you will find a very distinct and enjoyable sound in his productions. He skillfully crafts crispy beats and infuses them with jazzy overtones. Auris’ debut EP, the ‘Cold Feet’ EP, which follows up his earlier single on Goldfat, is no different. 

Auris joins Differential with a perfect example of his style: a serving of jazz-infused soulful sounds. The ‘Cold Feet’ EP is a textbook example of what to expect, showing off his versatility and skill.

Our premiere today is the final track on the EP, ‘Cure of Kin’. It fully drives home the atmosphere created throughout the EP. It’s enchanting chords and rolling bassline will help you take a step back and relax. The air of desolation in the track makes it so the entirety of this EP is round up nicely, and makes the ‘Cold Feet’ EP a superb and unique listening experience.

Check out Auris ‘Cure of Kin’ below. The ‘Cold Feet’ EP will be released on Differential on 13th November and is available to buy here