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Horde drops two tracker on Impact Music


Horde is another ground breaking producer from the French regions who Impact Music are giving a platform, expanding their local scene and this something which the imprint has endeavoured to do since they first unleashed their sounds onto the masses. Impact has often stood as a microcosm for the drum & bass genre in one of Europe biggest cultural hotspots and over the years they’ve dropped a plethora of releases which prove that France has a host of talent to offer the global market. Horde’s forthcoming single on the label only exemplifies this point, pulling together a vast soundscape to deliver an imperative part of Impact Music’s catalogue. Already appearing within the discographies of platforms such as Santoku Records, Dnb France and Delta9 Recordings, he’s given fans a taste of his sounds but his export on Impact sees him reach even greater heights.

Horde artwork

On both ‘Drift’ and its reverse ‘Taste Maker’ Horde manages to encapsulate a hard-driving production standard alongside the type of vibe which detonates the crowd of any club night. The single’s A-side ‘Drift’ is a pervasive track, one which begins with rumbling drum sequences before quickly growing more and more intense with every segment of crackling LFOs. You’re taken along for the ride on top of its chaotic bassline before you’re immersed in the full complexity of Horde’s production. On the flipside, you’re introduced to the world of ‘Taste Maker’, our premiere for today. Horde makes an appearance alongside Drumcatcher, who made a name for himself on the UK independent stage of Digress Records. Together, their streamlined engineering and undeniable influence take you through the record’s core. With a jazzy undertow which doesn’t take away from its weight, you’re made aware of the diversity which is channelled by both producers throughout.

‘Drift’ and ‘Taste Maker’ are just two more steps forward for Impact Music and the roster of artists they’ve successfully manufactured; their success proves their ear for A&R. Their ability to grow artists can be heard throughout their forthcoming single and their stream of high quality of releases continues, although this time it’s Horde driving the ship.

Check out Horde (Ft. Drumcatcher) ‘Taste Maker’ below and grab the single from here


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