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Newcomer Styke joins Differential with ‘Solutions’EP


Dutch-based producer Styke is a newcomer in the Drum & Bass scene. After being exposed to all kinds of electronic music all his life, he ended up at Drum & Bass where he found his true calling. Inspired by the likes of Lenzman and Alix Perez, Styke produces sounds all over the spectrum. Refining his sound to an impressive standard, you can clearly hear his influences in his tracks, while not taking away from his personal identity. After producing for 5 years, Styke is making his EP debut on Differential Recordings.


Styke’s track ‘Mystic’ is a testament to his versatility and skill. It starts off with soothing pads, setting the vibe for the next five minutes. The ethereal sounds draw you in closer, grabs your attention and does not let you go. Before the track fully drops we’re introduced briefly to its distinct drums. Repeated kicks and a bold snare are what defines the groove. It’s uplifting yet mysterious, energising yet relaxing. After this short introduction, we’re shortly pulled back into the enchanting pads, layered with a curious vocal on top, and whet it drops the bassline adds the perfect foundation to create a beautiful experience. Entrancing to listen to, and groovy enough to dance to, that’s what ‘Mystic’ by Styke is.

‘Solutions’ EP is out on Differential on 2nd August. Check out ‘Mystic’ below and grab a copy here


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