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Khramer & Skorp ‘Aligned’ [Transparent Audio]


Khramer & Skorp ‘Aligned’ [Transparent Audio] ***Out 26th November 2021***

Following on from his involvement in last month’s Refraction Vol. 001 release and announcement of being the latest member of the Transparent Audio family, this Spanish producer has been storming the scene with his versatile productions which have led him to experiment with many sub-genres to create his own unique style – Khramer! Not only is Khramer showcasing his high energy productions, the up and coming producer has also rallied up the Spanish Drum & Bass Army MUR, Skorp and Tee Amara to invade our ears with their sonic soundwaves.

Currently situated on the small island that is known as Menorca, Alex has used his early roots in music to rise through the ranks of the Drum & Bass community, refining his musical taste after an influential three-year stay in Manchester around 2013. Alex has sculpted a signature sound that incorporates elements from dark and minimalistic Drum & Bass while staying true to his passion and love of Jungle music. Having already worked with labels such as Parallel Depth and Boey Audio, this talented individual’s name isn’t new within the scene.

Check out our premiere of ‘Aligned’ with Skorp below!


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