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Identity Records drop their 5th EP ‘Seismic Shift’


Back with more heavyweight tunes, Identity Records continues to smash the barriers and deliver four fresh game-changing tracks that’ll make your head spin.

As the name ‘Seismic Shift’ implies, this release carries with it four tracks of seismic force that defy expectations of the frequencies of sounds and what can be done with them.  

Melodrama starts things off with the raucous tune ‘Sector 6’. Utilizing an intense drum roll that builds the tension to a fever pitch, it drops on you with the full force of the deepest sub you’ve ever heard. The vibrations of the bassline and the fluid shifting rhythm of the breaks work in tandem to burrow deep into your brain and refuse to let go.

‘Escape’ by Scaypo x Housty howls in with some massive atmospherics, as it quickly builds into the track with the snap of a stripped back snare. The wobble of the bass shakes your body like a rag doll, with the staccato effect of the rhythm only adding to the pressure. This track is minimalism at its best, using carefully layered sounds and timing to subtly create a pulsing crescendo that’s to die for.

Refusing to let up, GEO gives us ‘Paper Bag’. This song is a true titan of a workout: featuring a subterranean inspired bassline, a tough as nails drum rhythm, warbling grimy textures, and dynamic vocal sample. It’s a perfect union of the beat that defines drum and bass as well as the diverse ways it can be twisted and mutated into a brand new creature ready to take over the world.

Closing out the release is our premiere ‘The Way’ by Khramer and Muten. Sci-fi inspired and filled to the brim with precise tech style drum work, it’s a tune that shows the path to the future. Combining the modern inclination towards the deepest of sub sounds with the furore established by many of the techstep legends, this is one of those rare tunes that appeal to the most hardcore heads as well as those who just wanna step. 

It’s fair to say that Identity Records have had a solid first year of releases! Huge congrats to all the guys over there working tirelessly to achieve their goals! Big tings come in 2021!!

Check out ‘The Way’ by Khramer and Muten below. The ‘Seismic Shift’ EP drops via Identity Records on 22nd December, grab it from here!


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