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In-Reach Records celebrate 5 years with ‘The Formation’ VA LP


Five years in the industry marks a significant milestone for In-Reach Records, a label founded on a deep passion for Drum & Bass music and a mission to share that passion with kindred spirits. What better way to commemorate this achievement than with a compilation, ‘The Formation’ VA LP, that encapsulates the sounds and artists that have fueled the label’s journey so far?

All nine of IRR’s past contributors, along with key members of the In-Reach family, have collaborated to create this emotionally charged Various Artists album.

Leading the release is a highly anticipated vinyl exclusive album sampler, which dropped in September. This sampler features two tracks that have already been making waves in the Drum & Bass scene.

The full VA/LP kicks off with the impactful ‘Remnant of a Time.’ This track draws inspiration from the iconic 90s tech-step drum break at its core. Acid Lab‘s eerie pads, echoing vocals, and robust bass have been meticulously arranged to pay homage to the era that inspired it.

Following is ‘No Guts No Glory’ by Sicknote. An eerie vocal sample dominates the intro, but once the drop hits, the spotlight shifts to the commanding drum break, supported by punchy bass and keys reminiscent of old-school rave anthems.

‘Suzhou,’ a track named after the town just outside Shanghai, is a relentless journey characterized by robust bass stabs, developed during a late-night session by Nick EP and Pete (Arkaik) just in time for their performance that night. With relentless drums and thumping sub-bass from start to finish, this track is sure to set dance floors on fire.

Greekboy returns, showcasing his signature style with addictive pads and lively drum breaks. The ragga vocal sample seamlessly complements the subtle sub-bass, resulting in an energetic drop. Greekboy takes it up a notch after the breakdown with a simple yet impactful drum switch-up.

Sam Binary & Deviant introduce their track with a punchy bass drum, laying a solid foundation for the rising atmosphere that leads to a deep bass line, perfectly complementing the crisp snares in this expertly arranged piece.

‘On My Mind’ takes a different approach compared to the heavy tracks on J Plates‘ ‘Brain Drain’ EP. The smooth break kicks things off, followed by summery keys and a catchy vocal. While it begins upbeat, Jeremy reintroduces the darkness with a heavy-hitting bass line to restore balance.

Promo Zo‘s track carries a profound meaning, written for their dear friend Sandi, who was battling cancer at the time. Emotive pads fill the intro, and the powerful tribal bass takes over on the drop. Despite its creation during a challenging period, the track exudes positivity, especially now that Sandi has received the all-clear.

Sedo achieves an impressive balance with ‘My Mac 10,’ a track that could find a home on any label. The wobbling jump-up bass line seamlessly blends distorted funk with stripped-back drums and a straightforward vocal sample.

‘The Clicks’ from Tephra makes a bold entrance with a heavy bass drum and distinctive snare, which also serves as the inspiration for its title. This attention-grabbing break leads to the confident arrival of a rolling bass line, accompanied by growling synths and echoing pads, creating a captivating moody atmosphere.

Altitude‘s ‘X15 Exp1’ begins with a sci-fi vocal sample that sets the tone for this otherworldly track. Smooth yet eerie pads complement the bass line as the track drops and progresses to the breakdown. The vocals return to set up the second drop, which adds more bite and attitude to the finish.

In-Reach revisits a previous release with a VIP mix of Joakuim‘s track ‘Sharper Thoughts.’ The original’s intensity remains, but the drop leans towards a more atmospheric feel. The echoed bass growls take a back seat to make way for the gentler yet purposeful rolling keys.

The final track is courtesy of Kalm, ‘Jazz Head,’ unearthed from the vaults during a Rude FM session and deemed too exceptional to be tucked away. The track teases with an intro featuring a half-time groove, chilled-out horns, a full drum break, double bass strings, distorted mids, and smooth vocals.

Today we premiere Promo Zo’s contribution ‘Sandi’ which you can check out below. In-Reach drop ‘The Formation’ VA LP next Friday 20th October. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

The Formation VA LP cover

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