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Joakuim drops ‘That 90’s Vibe’ & ‘Sharper Thoughts’ on In-Reach Records


In-Reach Records are very proud to present the label’s ninth instalment, which comes from Mexico-based producer Joakuim. The EP comprises two elegant and intelligent pieces of Drum & Bass ‘That 90’s Vibe’ and ‘Sharper Thoughts’ each with differing vibes. These show off the artist’s stylistic range without compromising their signature sound.

Produced alongside featuring artist Mukiyare, ‘That 90’s Vibe’ manages to subtly salute the track’s titular decade while retaining a fresh and current sound. Summery keys and jazzy horns accompany the crisp break on the intro, which culminates in the silky smooth and paradoxically weighty sub-bass drop. As the track rolls on, occasional vocal samples and purposeful tones work to retain its initial sense of lightness amongst the heavy bassline, cleverly rounding off this upbeat banger.

Next up is ‘Sharper Thoughts’, which adopts a more serious tone from the outset. The short intro consists of warningful notes and a quick-stepping synth, both leading towards the abrupt entry of the deep bassline and tempered break that form the drop. Dark distorted synths sporadically overlay the ever-present rolling bass, further enforcing the tracks ominous nature and maintaining the perfect level of intensity throughout.

Perhaps the biggest testament to the quality of this EP is the difficulty we’ve experienced in picking a favourite between these two tracks. Whichever is more your flavour, expect to hear plenty of both on dance floors across the land for a long time to come!

After much deliberation we have gone with ‘That 90’s Vibe’ featuring Mukiyare to premiere to you today…check it out below! The release drops on Friday 30th September and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

That 90's Vibe cover

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