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good shepherd lands on Force Recordings with ‘Lost Boys’ & ‘Acid_Lab – Relentless Remix’


good shepherd continues to make remarkable strides in his recent releases and now joins Force Recordings, the longest continuously operating Drum & Bass label in the USA, with two of his finest songs to date. Having spent a year as a regular presence in the chat and live video “discord dance room” during the label’s “Straylight Sessions” Friday night live stream, and crafting a secret weapon remix of Acid_Lab’s ‘Relentless’ that has remained under wraps since the end of 2022, The Shepherd makes a stylish entrance to the stable with his debut track, ‘Lost Boys’!

good shepherd is a highly talented Drum & Bass producer and DJ who has garnered recognition through his releases on various esteemed labels such as Force Recordings, Default Recordings, Sunny Moves, Smooth n Groove Records, Detached Audio, and Soul Deep. His Drum & Bass creations reflect his enduring passion for the genre, harkening back to the early days of 90s DnB, while also incorporating influences from 80s synth-pop and hip-hop. You can catch his exciting performances every Friday on Twitch during his ‘good friday sessions,’ where he hosts some of the top talents in the DnB scene at www.twitch.tv/goodshepherd_dnb. In the early 2000s, good shepherd founded 222 Recordings, where he and a crew of DJs and MCs organized weekly events in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas, TX. He has had the privilege of opening for esteemed artists such as Andy C, John B, and Klute.

After setting his sights on remixing Acid_Lab‘s captivating 2-stepper ‘Relentless,’ good shepherd infused the track with a fresh b-line and an enthralling second-act arp, staying true to the original essence while adding an exciting new flavour. However, it was with his debut track, ‘Lost Boys,’ that he truly showcased his talent. Inspired by months of meticulous exploration of the sonic landscapes that defined many of his favourite Force releases, as well as the songs featured in label boss A1-Voodoo‘s live sets, good shepherd crafted a masterpiece. ‘Lost Boys’ captivates with its striking synth melodies, accompanied by melancholic vocal blips that yearn to become ‘Lost Boys’ themselves. The track then unleashes a barrage of energetic amens and a dancefloor-shaking b-line, making it an absolute powerhouse during sets. With its seamless blend of gritty and smooth elements, ‘Lost Boys’ emerges as a triumphant composition, marking good shepherd’s remarkable entry into the illustrious history of Force Recordings.

Today we premiere ‘Lost Boys’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 9th June, make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Lost Boys cover
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