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Renegade Masters: Arkaik


It all began over 15years ago, somewhere deep in the Surrey hills, that Peter Goebel AKA Arkaik discovered the all-consuming musical drug that was drum and bass. After being sucked in by producers such as Bad Company, Dillinja and Roni Size it wasn’t long before he was playing in clubs in and around the UK.

In 2008 Arkaik became a resident for Bassment in Reading, playing before artists such as Noisia, Break, Calibre and Icicle to name but a few. The rolling drums and thick sub basslines were a huge inspiration and are still apparent within his production and mixing style today, however, it was the emergence of the more minimal sound championed by artists such as Data, Spectrasoul and Instra:mental that really inspired Arkaik’s clean and stripped back sound.

2010 saw Arkaik’s first release ‘Stress Relief/Second Bass’ (DIFF004) on the infamous label Diffrent Music, this would prove to be a landmark moment and the first of many releases on Diffrent. After forming a tight bond the Diffrent Music Crew went on to host many nights at Cafe 10001, Brick Lane and alongside the Genesis crew at various clubs around London.

Since his first release Arkaik went on to win the Octane & DLR remix competition hosted by the mighty Dispatch Recordings in early 2012, this gave Arkaik a platform to release his first EP, ‘Trauma’ EP (DIFF011D) shortly after.

Arkaik moved to Shanghai in 2014 and then as a resident of the almighty Sweatshop Crew, he toured China, Taiwan and Australia and began pushing his sound with releases on Dispatch ‘Timelapse’ EP, and Vandal ‘Shadow Creatures’ EP. After multiple signings across labels such as Critical, Dispatch, Flexout Audio, Overview, Vandal and Unchained, Arkaik is now back in England.

Last year saw Arkaik’s first LP signed to Flexout Audio showcasing his storytelling abilities with tracks dedicated to his life experiences. He worked on ‘Stay Inside’ a full length motion graphic music video and remix work for Bredren ‘Mechanica’.

This year will see Arkaik bring remixes on Overview, a release on Flexout and a lot more in store but for now, he joins the ranks of our Renegade Masters! This one hour mix is quite literally rammed with tracks, a whopping 49 in total and we are sure it will get you moving around like a mad thing!

Check out Arkaik’s mix below and make sure you check out the Q&A beneath the player!

Quick Q&A

Sum up this mix in 10 words…

There is a fair bit of rawness

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

Alix Perez   Monty – Untitled Malware

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

nothing special…. just using them fresh ingredients, mixed with minimal herbs

What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?

Hahahaha great question, its been lockdown in the UK so only sit down gigs. I played down at The Cause in Tottenham for Engage in April, that was a blast as always!

What have you got coming up?

25.06 – London Flexout @ Steel Yard

09.07 – London Dub Wars @ Lightbox 

22.07 – Bristol Breach @ The Crofters Rights

29.08 – London Alchemy @ The Cause 

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

Hope you enjoy the mix, peace out, keep them hands clean.


1. Arkaik – Snow (Dub)

2. Arkaik – Jewel In The Crown ft Sense (Flexout Dub)

3. Visages – Yalda (1985)

4. Arkaik & Coma – Mind Games ft Ray Uptown (Flexout Dub)

5. Thematic – Taking Action (Sofa Sound)

6. Levela – Jacked (Critical)

7. QZB & Rider Shafique – Perfectly Aligned (Critical)

8. Alix Perez   Monty – Untitled Malware (1985)

9. dBridge & Jubei – Show Me (Carbon)

10. DLR – Sufferation (Sofa Sound)

11. Objective – Sticky (Dub)

12. Klinical – Sinful (Overview)

13. Screamarts & Halflow – Minimal Edit (Overview)

14. Objectiv & Screamarts – Bullet (Dub)

15. Bredren  MC Fokus – Foundations (Flexout)

16. Phentix & Alibi – The Gateway (Dub)

17. Gran Calavera – Fin Absolue (Cesco Remix)(Overview)

18. Spektiv – Invert (Dub)

19. Data 3 – Komparen (Wingz Remix)(Flexout)

20. Alix Perez Halogenix – Unlustrous (1985)

21. Resslek – Coupe (Transparent Audio)

22. Molecular – Space Train (C4C)

23. Fre4knc – Little Things (Flexout Dub)

24. Teej – Nice Up The Dance (Wingz Remix)(Bowl cut)

25. The Sauce – Out Of The Woods (Sauce Dub)

26. Objectiv & illament- Fire Cracker (Dub)

27. Wingz – Bait (Overview Dub)

28. Invadhertz – One Seventy Clash (Delta9)

29. Wingz – Badman (Overview)

30. Shy FX, Breakage – Michael Knight (Digital soundboy)

31. Molecular – The Path (Overview)

32. Enei – Dirty (Critical)

33. Arkaik – Fate Determined (Waeys remix)(Flexout Dub)

34. Molecular – When You Enter (Dub)

35. Future Cut – 20/21 (DLR Remix)(Future Cut)

36. Rizzle – Placid (Overview)

37. Cesco – ABR (1985)

38. Bredren – Unidentified (Flexout)

39. Sinic – Bitter Professional (Invisible)

40. Arkaik – Stay Inside (Flexout)

41. Trail – RIC9 (Flexout Dub)

42. Data – Fragment (Blackout)

43. Black Barrel – Keep The Beat Going (Dub)

44. Arkaik – Boxed In (Flexout Dub)

45. Klinical – In Vain (Overview)

46. Black Barrel – Rocking (Dispatch)

47. Objectiv, Zoro,Lupo- Papas Got Bag (feat jappa)(Dub)

48. JRover  Polarized – Karate Style (Sine Audio)

49. Alix Perez – Blank Pages (1985)


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