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Sedo returns to Skalator Music with ‘Jorogumo/Talisman’


After a short hiatus, Skalator Music are back on the release front with their 30th release and the very first one of 2022. They are very happy to announce a fresh single from someone who is already a familiar face in the Skalator Music camp – Sedo with ‘Jorogumo/Talisman’!

Raised in a residential recording studio in the depths of Wales, Sedo has been surrounded by music since a very young age. Coming from such an inspiring musical upbringing, it was inevitable that he would eventually be driven to do something musical himself. This something came in the form of DJing at parties whilst at Uni in Manchester. Soon after he began producing Drum & Bass.

After a couple of jump up releases a long time ago, he went off the radar for some years. He returned to production with a vengeance around five years ago, eager to perfect his sound and engineering abilities.

With releases on Delta9 Recordings, Symmetry Recordings, and Tesseract Recordings, to name a few, Sedo delivers two excellent cuts full of rawness and dance floor vibes, where his trademark basslines and sharp percussion hits do stand out. Expect some contemporary Techstep vibes bound to the dance floor.

On ‘Jorogumo’ we can hear Sedo flexing his usual trademark sound, with clean precise drums, bass-heavy subs and clever sampling. Meanwhile ‘Talisman’ leads in a more deeper vibe, but is still dance-floor effective. Lastly, on a Bandcamp exclusive note, ‘RPG’, is more reminiscent of 90’s techstep retaining all of Sedo’s brand sound.

Today we premiere ‘Jorogumo’ which you can check out below. The release drops on Thursday 9th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!


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