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Heymac self releases for the first time with ‘Katina’


With his first self-release, Canadian producer and DJ Heymac brings us a fresh cut of glorious liquid Drum & Bass in the form of ‘Katina’.

With a wide variety of instruments, Heymac delivers his signature emotional style of liquid Drum & Bass by mixing acoustic and synthetic sounds through a 5-minute journey that takes you along for a rollercoaster of feelings. Aetherial arps mixed with big and
ear-catching strings build up to a crescendo that gives a payoff to everything throughout the song.

The track represents a new chapter in Heymac’s musical journey, and ‘Katina’ is just a first step down a path of continued tugging of heartstrings and relaxing musicality through the Drum & Bass landscape.

Canadian based Harry McDonald aka Heymac continues to make his mark on the Drum & Bass community. His music focuses heavily on ethereal atmospheres combined with the emotional orchestral elements. With influences from Keeno, Etherwood and Porter Robinson he aims to make music that strikes a chord with his listeners.

His debut release ‘Eye of Light’ which dropped on RAM Record‘s sister label ProgRAM, was followed by several releases on UK based Bay 6 Recordings (check out our premiere of ‘Ode To What Was’ here) and Canadian label Futurevibes that have gained the support of artists such as Degs, Keeno and Telomic.

As a DJ, Heymac has been able to support Pola & Bryson, Technimatic, Spectrasoul, Breakage and many others.

Check out our premiere of Heymac ‘Katina’ below. The track drops on Friday 27th August and is available for you to grab from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player which takes you directly to Heymac’s Bandcamp page!


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