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Renegade Riddims: Heymac


Canadian based Heymac is continuing to make his mark on the Drum & Bass community. His music focuses on ethereal atmospheres combined with the emotional orchestral elements. Heymac’s music carries a strong influence from KeenoEtherwood and Fred V

His debut release ‘Eye of Light’ on RAM Record‘s ProgRAM imprint was followed by several releases on UK based Bay 6 Recordings and Canadian label Futurevibes that have gained the support of artists such as Degs, Keeno and Telomic. His recent releases ‘Katina‘ and ‘Scattered Light’ have shown his versatility and love for emotional music. 

As a DJ, Heymac has been able to support Pola & Bryson, Technimatic, Spectrasoul, Bensley and many others. 

We’ve been working with Heymac for a while now and have done a few premieres of his releases, with more planned to come very soon. Again, as with a few artists who have featured on Renegade Riddims recently, it seemed like a natural progression to include him in the mix series.

Check out Heymac’s Renegade Riddims mix below, it contains music from the likes of himself, Etherwood, Satl, Mitekiss, Fullalove, Pola & Bryson, Zeal, GLXY and loads more!


Hamartia- Heymac

Shinrinyoku – Pola & Bryson

Nowhere To Go But Everywhere – Etherwood

I’ve Been Thinking – AUDBL

Midnight Moon – Satl

Final Hours – Mitekiss

You Do (Shibumi Bootleg) – DVSN

The Harrowing – PRSPKTV

Run Ames Ft. Robert Manos – Kimyan Law

The Awesome Express – Winslow

Full Circle – Visages

Stone Rose – Hyroglifics

Wind RIses – Pola & Bryson

Leap of Faith – Nymfo Feat. flowanastasia

Sprung – Gerra & Stone

Losing Myself (Revan Remix) – Data 3

Brown Sugar – Beeson

Grief in Puddles – Mitekiss

Waiting (Henry Remix) – Fullalove

Sunset Picture – Finnadrift

Lotus Flower (Original Mix) – Logistics

Nerf – Pola & Bryson

Sweet Lows – GLXY


Confidence – Zeal

Vetur – Pola & Bryson

Katina – Heymac

Scattered Light – Heymac & Saltee

Echo Loss – Reso

Altruist – Auris

Everything to Me – Satl

Window Light feat flowanastasia (Instrumental) – Telomic

1000 Miles – Machinedrum & Sub Focus

ID – Heymac


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