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Heymac ‘Hamartia’ [Self Release]


Heymac ‘Hamartia’ [Self Release] ***Out 12th November 2021***

Canadian producer and DJ Heymac returns with the second self-release, bringing us ‘Hamartia’.

Along with his usual beautiful pianos and matching strings, Heymac this time pairs his style with wave inspired pads and arps that follow you in this 6 minute tranquil ride through liquid DnB. The sweeping strings convey a sense of calm that is contrasted beautifully by the driving drums.

As a B-side to this release, Sweden based Skallagrim has an ambient remix of the title track. Taking the orchestral elements of the original and expanding upon them creates a listening experience that uplifts you through the entire song with a beautiful crescendo with the second chorus.


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