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My Musical Influences: Guzi


If you’ve yet to hear of Guzi, now’s the time to prick up those ears, because his debut album is about to drop on Sub-Liminal Recordings and it’s nothing short of outstanding! If you like to indulge in the full spectrum Drum & Bass has to offer and marvel and audio-technical mastery then this is the release for you.

The album starts with the first single, ‘What To Do’ ft DJ Hybrid – and let me tell you it’s an absolute dancefloor destroyer! Choppy breaks, futuristic synths and a classic sample which has been executed with cutthroat precision. Starting on a high this self-titled body of work continues at the same breath-taking altitude throughout. As the album progresses, you’re invited to weave through each and every element of the fabric of the Drum & Bass genre, Jungle, Jump Up, Dubstep and even flickers of Juke can be heard. Guzi showcases his expertise, versatility and very clearly his respect, passion and love for all the musical melting-pot of sound and culture that make up Drum & Bass. It is not hyperbolic to say that each track effortlessly slips into its own separate sub-genre.

It’s no surprise that master craftsmanship pours out through each decibel of this record. Guzi is a professional mixing and mastering engineer who consistently perfects in excess of 100 tracks jungle and Drum & Bass tracks a month, and also works as a course creator and a music production tutor at Education & Bass. As if that didn’t leave him busy enough he heads up Sub-Divison Recordings– the sister label to Sub-Liminal Recordings and a brand new jungle and breakbeat label Section 63 Recordings.

We had a little catch up with Guzi and got him to reveal his musical influences to us. Read on to find out more and listen to the tracks he’s chosen…

The Prodigy – Firestarter

This is the most influential track in my life, I first heard it playing Wipeout on the PlayStation 1 when I was about 4 years old and something about it just grabbed my attention. Ever since I was young I have been a huge fan of The Prodigy and I was lucky enough to see them live at Creamfields 2013 before Keith Flint sadly passed away. It was the best live show I have ever seen by a mile. RIP Keith.

S.P.Y – Clouds

As a producer, I feel like S.P.Y consistently captures the exact essence of what Drum & Bass should be. ‘Clouds’ is a standout track for me because it doesn’t have any gimmicks at all, it’s just sheer bassweight power.

Benga & Coki – Night

Around the early 2010’s  I was quite involved in the dubstep scene and this track was one I never got bored of hearing in a mix. It double drops so well. This one still gets played today and will continue to be played for many years to come.

Original Sin – Overfiend

This is probably my favourite track ever to come out on Playaz, which in turn is one of my top 3 Drum & Bass labels of all time. The intro starts off with a very atmospheric and musical vibe, then it just builds out of nowhere into the maddest drop. I first heard this one on DJ Hype’s mix CD in 2009 and then bought the record to try and see if I could mix it anywhere near as good as Hype!

Die & Clipz – Number One (feat. Ben Westbeech)

This is one that evokes great memories of practising mixing in my bedroom and doing radio when I was a kid. Whenever I mix this I just let the intro ride out on its own during Ben Westbeech’s verse, then try and bring something deep in for the double drop!

Jakes – 3Kout

For me, Jakes is one of the most unsung heroes/pioneers of dubstep music. Back in the day, I could not get enough of the wobbles this guy was coming through with. I would love some new dubstep from Jakes but he also smashes it as a dnb MC!

Adam F & Horx Feat. Redman – Shut The Lights Off (Adam F & Sigma Rmx)

I love a good reece bass and this is one of my favourite riffs out of the millions of tunes that have ever used the aggressive reece sound. Also, I just think the fact that Redman’s vocal is on an official dnb tune is epic.

TC – Gameover

For me, this track sets the bar for all wobblers. Straight up gullyness. TC was making some wicked music back when I first got into Drum & Bass and had his own vibe, he made me realise that it’s ok to add an element of fun into your music if it’s done well.

The Prodigy – Take Me To The Hospital (Rusko Remix)

If anyone was going to make it onto this list twice, it was going to be The Prodigy. The remix release for ‘Take Me To The Hospital’ had a Rusko remix on one side and a Sub Focus remix on the other, both were great remixes but the Rusko one just about comes out on top for me. Rusko was actually the first ever dubstep act I ever saw live. In around 2008/9 I walked into a tent at a festival in London and heard this mad subby noise, everyone was going nuts so I just joined in not even knowing what this music really was because the vibe was just next level in there. Then when I left, I saw the timetable and that I had been in the tent whilst Caspa & Rusko performed back to back. As soon as I got home I googled them and started listening to the fabriclive CD and discovered a whole new world of music I never knew existed.

Mampi Swift – Gangster

Mampi is a legend in my eyes and it was hard to pick one of his tunes to go on this list, but I think gangster is really in line with the type of sound I have always loved producing and mixing. It has a bit of darkness, a bit of raveyness and loads of energy!

Guzi drops his debut album ‘Guzi’ on 17th December via Sub-Liminal Recordings, make sure you grab yourself an early Christmas present from here


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