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Psynchro drop ‘Alchemy’ EP on Axon Records


For their 14th release, Axon Records are honoured to feature Psynchro for a second time, who share the ‘Alchemy’ EP alongside label founder, NickBee.

Opening the ‘Alchemy’ EP we have a collaboration between all of the artists involved in the release, who have combined their talent to create a track entitled ‘Polished’. As its name suggests, this clean yet powerful piece of music contains lush atmospherics, peppered with angelic melodic and vocal stabs which set a rich, thick backdrop. Swiftly transitioning into snappy tech-driven drums and a punchy bassline, it’s sure to be a staple for sets across the globe this summer.

Next up, NickBee displays his elite production talents on ‘Alchemical’. Utilizing his signature snappy drums to guide the track, he responds to their hits with a lively and percussive bass line.

To close the EP, Psynchro deliver the heavy-hitting ‘Basic Elements’. Unlike the name suggests, this complex techy roller delivers an onslaught of high-energy drums, juxtaposed by a powerful modulated and driving bassline. This track effortlessly shows why this production trio have gained so much recognition in the relatively short time they have been involved with the drum and bass scene.

This expertly crafted collaboration between artists shows that despite what is happening throughout the world, music transcends borders, and bridges the gaps in an otherwise divided society.

Connect, Create, Evolve.

Today we premiere ‘Basic Elements’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Sunday 24th July, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Alchemy cover