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Grand Theft Audio drop ‘Vibrations 8’ EP


Ladies and gents, it’s time for the 8th instalment of Grand Theft Audio‘s flagship ‘Vibrations’ series, and it’s the most ambitious one to date. Weighing in at a whopping EIGHT tracks, it plays like a mini-album. Spanning dancefloor, rollers, jungle, liquid, neuro and jump up (sometimes several at once), there is a vibe for everyone on here!

Fresh off his insane EP on RAM’s sister label, ProgRAM, and the punishing colab ‘Alone’ with GTA head honchos, Sola, the mighty Shayper is showing no signs of slowing down as he puts us through our paces with ‘Raggamuffin’. If Neurofunk and ragga jungle had a torrid affair, this would be its twisted love child. Rolling breaks, snarling basses and a vocal sample that can’t help but put a smile on your face. The perfect way to kick this release off.

You may know him from the work he did as one-half of the DnB duo Mutated Forms in the 00s and 10s. Now on a solo path, AJ Mutated is showing his jazzy liquid chops here with the mellow, funky roller, ‘Heartbreak Hotel’. One of the most chilled tracks to ever feature on a Vibrations EP, this tune is like a big cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows on a cold day. This is AJ’s first track for GTA, but hopefully, it’s just the start of his GTA journey.

It’s hard to miss Gravesend based producer Corrupted Mind at the moment. This 22 year old has been bringing his brand of heavy dancefloor to huge labels like YANA as well as releasing on his SoundCloud to his 5 figure follower count. ‘Let’s Go’ feels like a nod to chuggy techstep bangers of the past but with its own unique style and bang up to the minute modern production technique and polish. Drop it on a room full of unsuspecting ravers and watch the atmosphere explode.

A veteran in the scene, especially in his home town of Corby, Neil Badboy has wowed before with ‘Try Again’ which came out on ‘GTA 50’ LP. This time though, he’s stepped up his game further with the incredibly well-produced ‘Damage Report’. Distortion abounds as an atmospheric, rave-influenced intro and robotic vocal give way to twisted synths and clean drum work. Grand Theft Audio and Neil Badboy accept no liability for any reports of damage caused by this tune.

Another mellower number now with the incredibly atmospheric ‘Healer’ by Organix fresh from releases on Formation and ‘GTA 50’. It features the soulful future star Lauren Rose in her element as she weaves a melodic narrative over pulsating sub basses and rolling percussion. The counter melodies like the organ and the brass stabs are delightful and the catchy vocal will be in your head for days. Quality stuff.

Featuring one of the most unique and interesting vocal samples we’ve ever heard in DnB tune, ‘Retroincabulator’ is the concocted brainchild of mad scientist Plasmator. If you haven’t heard the name, you will soon, he is about to be everywhere. Absolute dancefloor neuro carnage is the name of the game with bass choppiness, angry LFOs, arps for days and even a chiptune influenced breakdown.

Fresh off full EPs on Formation Records and Liondub International, and with a track forthcoming on the legendary Renegade Hardware as well as a recent colab with Hall of Fame Award winner DJSS, E.R.F. provides us with the most Jungle influenced track on the EP. Old school flavoured vocal samples and tearing basses ride on top of bouncing breaks in a very crisp and fresh sounding way. ‘Let Me Be’ is a very cleverly put together track and an absolute weapon in the right hands.

Lastly but certainly not least, we end with a certified dancefloor destroyer. This is not just RIPPL’s first release with GTA but his debut release anywhere. And what a first track it is! ‘Hands Up’ is one of those tunes that from the very first bar you know you’re in for some shit! Big basses, crazy synths, powerful drums, playful use of samples and more switches than you can shake a hairy stick at.

Today we premiere Organix ‘Healer’ ft. Lauren Rose which you can check out below. The ‘Vibrations 8’ EP drops this Friday 10th June, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Vibrations 8 cover

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