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The Giving project that brings light to Ibiza’s 2020 season


Everything started with Greg OG calling Stephen Ghenacia one morning to tell him about what is possibly the most genuine and selfless musical initiative on the white island during this quarantine, and the best part is that we all get to enjoy it.

There was no need to convince Stephen, so the next day they were already making plans. Greg OG, Stephen Ghenacia and Alex Garcia didn’t lose a second and immediately put the idea into action. The initial target was to create a 50-song pack, sell it for 15 euros and donate all the money to Food For Ibiza. They wanted to take benefit of the current lock-down to help people, despite the distance.

What is Food For Ibiza?

Founded by Nina Negru in 2014, Food For Ibiza is a group of volunteers with two key intentions: to help those families on the island who do not have enough money to feed themselves and to confront the problem of food waste in Ibiza. The basic concept is to take food destined for the landfill and give it instead to people who need it.

In times like these, food initiatives can be very valuable, especially in relatively small communities like Ibiza, whose economy has been severely affected by COVID-19.

Check out their Facebook page here

Greg, Stephen and Alex didn’t want to involve any label in particular in this project to avoid conflicts of interest. Therefore, with the help of friends, they managed to build Non- Profit Label (NPL) which they hope to use only this time unless of course, the world needs them again. ‘It was a mess because none of us is a project manager. We are all artists, and we love spending our time making music not building up contracts and label deals or translations, not being familiar with all the technicalities that it implies’ said Stephane when we asked him about the project. 

Despite that, these three gentlemen managed to build the label and involve more than 50 artists happy to share their music and help out those in need. Kindness listens to no genre and no style, proof of it is the list of artists that worked on a track and donated it to NPL. The project is called GIVING, and these are the names involved:

2Vilas, Afterall, Alffie, Alisson, Archie Hamilton, Ark, Atree, Aquarius Heaven, Basic Human Taste, Ben Balance, Billy Ray Valmont & the Shadow Sisters, [øne+1] & Camilo Gil, Cesar Merveille, Dam Paul & Kyko, Damien Almira, Dan Ghenacia, Dani Casarano Feat Carlos Morales, David Duriez, Davina Moss and Noble North, Dj Yellow, Djebali, Eliptica, Emine & Melkart, Fe-De & GREGO G, Felipe Valenzuela, Flash Grab Road, Funk E, Gab Jr, Guillermo Jamas, Howl Ensemble, Ilija Rudman, Feat. Andre Espeut, Invisble G, Iwou, Jamie Jones, Jason Glanville, Jef K & iIyes, Jeremy Weeks, Jermann, Jonny Rock, Josh Baker, Kerri Chandler, Leo Pol, Loquace, Luca Cazal, Marcelo Cura & N.O.X, Makelidey, Mancini, Marcelo Tag, Marius, Marrian, Miki, MBG, Mikolai, Molly, Monkey Nenufar (Ben Vedren & Leiris), Moogly MR.C, Nacho Bolognani, Neverdogs, N-Gynn, Nima Gorji Feat. Mme Tina, Olivier Romero, Paolo driver / Roby j, Pit Spector, Pola, Politics Of Dancing, Ramona Yacef, Randaru, Rich Nxt, Richy Ahmed, Robert James, Sakovalto, Seuil, Solomun, Soundub, Stephane, The Supermen Lovers, Sven Väth, Sweely, Terence:Terry, Thomas Roland & Tarek Charbonnier, Tolga Fidan, Tom Akman, Traumer, Verrina & Ventura, Victor Petroi, Who, Yakine, Yamen & Eda.

Cocoon and some names on the list who wish to maintain their identity anonymous have already donated to this association. This promising project won’t be a total success without us, so stay tuned, get your copy, and help these local heroes keep Giving. The album will come out on the 21st of June and will be available only on Bandcamp CLICK HERE