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Dava & Felov drop free download ‘Bellamy’ on Transparent Audio


Two fan favourites from the Transparent Audio Family join together to host the next Free Download on the imprint, welcome back Dava and Felov with ‘Bellamy’! Both only having their debut EPs released on the label last year, Dava and Felov combine their styles which has resulted in a smooth but vibey track, consisting of swung break-jungle drums and hard 808s to shake any sound system intertwined with silky progressive chords.

Dava is a German DJ and Producer who started this passion for music back in 2010. He began playing at various clubs around Freiburg, Germany and soon became known for his diverse Drum & Bass mixes. Not long after, Dava first started his creative outset towards making music. After a couple of years of experimenting with his sound and style, he developed an obsession for funky, soulful and deep Drum & Bass, which he’s been pursuing ever since. With releases on his hometown label Beatalistics Recordings, Celsius Recordings and Soul Deep Recordings under his belt, and many more to come in the future.

Starting his musical journey less than 3 years ago, Felov, a DJ and Producer from the Netherlands is slowly climbing his way to becoming an established name within the Drum & Bass scene. He fell in love with the darker and deeper side of the Drum & Bass spectrum after discovering artists like Alix Perez, Bredren and MonrroeFelov was looking for a way to express his emotions and creativity, which encouraged him to start making his own music. This led to a passion that has never stopped growing.

‘Bellamy’ was crafted in Felov’s hometown in Vlissingen, where the pair met up for this collaboration before they set off to Liquicity Festival 2022. The title of the track was dedicated to a district close to Felov’s home. These two inspiring producers may have been a little quiet over the past year, as they have been developing their sounds behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to hear more from them in the coming months.

Today we have the privilege of bringing you ‘Bellamy’ a wicked FREE DOWNLOAD which you can check out below and grab a copy for your collection from here!


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