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Dava lands on Transparent Audio with ‘Cold Feet’ EP


The next release on Transparent Audio’s schedule comes from an artist that has been on their radar since they first launched back in October 2020. One of the most underrated producers out there at the moment, proofing how versatile and unique his productions are with his debut EP on the label.

Introducing the next essential artist to the Transparent Audio Family – Dava with his ‘Cold Feet’ EP.

As this artist may be unknown to some of you, this won’t be the case once you hear the wide spectrum of sounds from his high energy 3 track EP. The pandemic has left us with ‘Cold Feet’, but Dava’s release will surely help us to feel the heat of a rave again. 

The German DJ and Producer started this passion for music back in 2010. He began playing at various clubs around Freiburg, Germany and soon became known for his diverse Drum & Bass mixes. Not long after, Dava first started his creative outset towards making music. After a couple of years of experimenting with his sound and style, he developed an obsession for funky, soulful and deep Drum & Bass, which he’s been pursuing ever since. With releases on his hometown label Beatalistics Recordings, Celsius Recordings and Soul Deep Recordings under his belt, and many more to come in 2021, expect to keep hearing Dava’s name pop up in the Drum and Bass scene in the future.

Today we premiere the title track ‘Cold Feet’ which makes me long for dirty rave!

Check it out below! The ‘Cold Feet’ EP drops on Transparent Audio on 26th March make sure you grab a copy from here


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