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Monrroe tells us his dream line up


Monrroe is still a fairly fresh face in the Drum & Bass scene. That has not stopped him from making an impact from the start. He has an instantly recognisable melodic and soulful sound. It’s a sound that manages to combine a very organic and human feel with the high intense energy of Drum & Bass.

He has gained support from the likes of Shogun, Liquicity, Etherwood, S.P.Y, Maduk, LSB, Hybrid Minds, BBC Introducing and many more.

Here he tells us about his all time dream lineup…it’s a big one!

For me, the dream line up is going to have to be a bit of mix up. I’ve got a lot of love for loads of different music taking flavours from ‘bait’ skate punk to tear-jerking ambient. So I’m going to have to do a 3-room situation for this one.

Monrroe’s latest track ‘Everywhere I Go’ came out on Shogun Audio a couple of weeks ago. Since then it has been receiving widespread acclamation from industry heads and fans. Here Monrroe tells us what went into making the track.

This was a wicked track to get out for me, has been in the works for a long time and gone through multiple versions… So is awesome to see it being well received! When it came to making the track, I wanted to create something suitable for the dancefloor but also retain that melancholy atmosphere present in the deeper side of liquid. With this in mind another element I wanted to focus on was bringing some of those ‘throw your hands in the air’ trance vibes without making it a right cheddar fest, so started with some heavily trance fused chords and a lovely vocal sample from Rui Da Silva- Touch Me and the rest formed around that. Keeping the bassline fluid n flowing working tight with the drums and throwing in some arps to add sonic intrigue throughout, it all started to come together. We hit a bit of a bump with the vocal due to copyright, as you would do using obvious samples haha. This is where the real life of the track came from though, Clem from the Brighton based band Kudu Blue came in with this incredible vocal line that just topped it all off. To make the track what it is now.

If you haven’t heard Monrroe ‘Everywhere I Go’ yet, check it out below and bag yourself a copy here


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