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Caleo joins the ranks of the Bowlcut Beats crew


Bowlcut Beats return for round 4 with a banger from Cornwall native Caleo. His latest offering ‘What You Do’ drops on 25th September.

Caleo is a new pseudonym from a House producer. Bowlcut Beats say “we’ll let you figure out who he is”, but I have no idea! The mysterious producer marks his debut with ‘What We Do’ which is a velvety, deep tune. It is guaranteed to turn any dancefloor into a heads-down, sweaty mess. The intro starts at halftime and incorporates a hypnotic harp that oozes soul. It also really packs a punch with luscious drums that keep the tune moving and rolling with the undercurrent of nasty bass stabs. It’s a solid debut from Caleo!

Man of the moment and new Critical Records signing ABLE delivers the remix on the flip. This really shows off his class and skills with a filthy Reese lead Bassline that takes the soulful original into darker territories.

It’s really difficult to pick which of the 2 tracks bangs harder but the remix pays homage to the original. However, you should prepare yourself for the bass as this will turn a lot of heads and rumble many a window.

This is another strong output from the newly formed Bowlcut Beats imprint. Keeping watching this space for a lot more to come from the Bowlcut crew.

Today we premiere Caleo ‘What You Do’ (ABLE Remix). Check it out below and make sure you grab it from here


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