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ABLE returns with ‘Pillar To Post’ EP on Critical Music


Last year started off strongly for ABLE with his debut on Monk Audio shortly followed by a release on Critical Music. Both releases gaining huge support from names like Halogenix, Kasra, Levela, and more. ABLE finished out the year with a remix of Caleo’s ‘What You Do‘ featuring on emerging label Bowlcut Beats. We were promised there would be plenty more in store for 2021 and he is delivering on the promise as he continues to make moves with his latest release for Critical Music with his ‘Pillar TO Post’ EP.

ABLE has 4 new tracks of minimal, brooding funk on his ‘Pillar To Post’ EP which is dropping on Critical on 18th June.

We caught up with ABLE for a catch up and to find out a bit more about the EP, what he’s been up to and what he’s got in store…

Hi ABLE!  What’s been going on in the world of ABLE during the global pandemic?

Honestly, I’ve just been working my day job since May last year. I had 8 weeks off when it all started and I’ve been back ever since really. I tried to use the time I did have off wisely, by improving my musical workflow and whatnot. It’s quite hard to gain inspiration when nothing is happening.

Not to mention the first 12 weeks of the pandemic I wasn’t able to see my partner Emily which was really tough for me mentally. Going from seeing the one person that keeps you sane most of the time to nothing is hard.

Were there things you were  ‘ABLE’ to do and were there things you weren’t ABLE to do? (see what we did there?😉)

You know, I think you’re the first person to do that. You heard it on DT first! Very clever! In terms of the pandemic, there wasn’t a lot I could do but sit in front of my computer and make beats. Which I’m guessing is why I’ve managed to progress as “quickly” as I have. I listened to A LOT of new music over the last year or so. Everything from jazz to Death metal. I listen to quite a variety of music when I get the chance. Not as much DnB as you’d like to think, to be honest.

Tell us a little about the EP, did it all come together fairly naturally? Any trials and tribulations? How did it end up on Kasra’s radar?

Yes and no. The title track was built around the vocals for sure. I was going through a bit of a dark patch over Christmas time. A lot of reflecting on the past and coming to terms with how and why certain things have happened the way they have. ‘Pillar to Post’ is definitely my most accomplished EP to date but it’s also one of my darkest in terms of thought processes.

After my ‘Binary’ EP last June I kept smashing Kasra’s inbox with tunes (thank you Kasra for your patience) but after a while, I could tell he was only feeling one of them (Shake). Instinctively I felt that he knew I wasn’t thinking about tunes, rather just making any old beat and sending them to him. With this in mind, I just left him alone till the New Year and came back with some fresh ideas which he loved.

The whole EP is an argument between me and my thoughts and emotions over the pandemic period. It’s funny, you always really make your best music when you’re going through some shit.

On a more upbeat side though, ‘Saag’ is in fact named after the Masala I was eating at the time of making the beat. I did say to Kasra that the name was “pending” but I decided to keep it as my friends knew the tune as ‘Saag’ so it just stuck.

Really digging the visual side to the EP! What’s the process behind making the ‘Pillar To Post’ EP artwork?

I have James (Gaijin Graphics) to thank for the visuals. I’ve known him for a long time now and have always known his talents on the visual side. The dude is majorly passionate about everything he does. It’s infectious. 

I originally wanted the artwork to include a tower block but James had other (better) ideas. The artwork reflects the twisting and turning of decaying emotions but also looks strong and prominent. Edgy I know. I’m actually a really upbeat and excitable person in real life. Honest…

What’s it like to be releasing on Critical alongside the likes of such prolific label artists such as Enei, Mefjus, Halogenix, Sam Binga? The list goes on!

It’s something I think about often and I am extremely grateful that I’m able to be on the same iconic roster as everyone on the label. I get really bad imposter syndrome when I think about it too much to be honest. Being up on the same platform with such great talent can be quite intimidating. I try to take it all in my stride really. As Alex Particle likes to say to me. “Don’t overthink it!”

I look up mostly to Halogenix out of everyone. I’m sure I’m not the first or last. I could spend the rest of this article explaining my devoted love for the guy, but for the readers’ sake, I’ll leave all that out…for now!

What can we expect for ABLE for 2021 and beyond?

Umm enough to see me through the rest of the year and early next year.

I just finished a 4 tracker for the guys over at Sine Series. A couple of remixes here and there. Also currently working on a collaborative two-track single with the 1985 bad boy CESCO for Monk Audio which I’m super excited about. A lot going on to look forward to for sure.

Now that I’ve planted my feet with Critical, I would like to keep releasing them. I feel like I have so much more to improve on but equally feel like I have so much more to give. Who knows. Maybe another ABLE EP on Critical next year? What do you think Kasra?

Today we premiere the title track of the ‘Pillar To Post’ EP, which you can check out below. Don’t forget to grab yourself a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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