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ABLE drops ‘Yes No Maybe’ on inHabit Recordings


inHabit Recordings is proud to present the next instalment of their occasional Momentum series, where they give producers from around the world one job, and one job ONLY: to meticulously craft a quiver of explosive darts – secret weapons to paralyse the competition with and send dancefloors so far into the Zone they’ll have a hard time ever finding their way back out. In the hot seat this time around is ABLE with his new EP ‘Yes No Maybe’.

ABLE is a name that’s quickly become a byword for innovative, propulsive music on labels like Critical and Monk Audio. Hailing from Guildford, ABLE has been lashing out absolute heaters like ‘Saag’ on Critical for a number of years now and if this EP is any indication of what’s coming down the line in the future then you’d better believe big things lie ahead.

On to the tunes, ‘Crescendo’ is a rolling, steppy lurcher with slabs of grizzly bass whirring and gurgling over a heady wave of sub frequencies. ‘One And The Same’ starts off as a call and response riff so catchy you’ll be digging your old facemasks out just to listen to it, then develops smoothly into something more cerebral via a tense breakdown. The title track of the EP comes in the form of ‘Yes No Maybe’, a punishing, crushing groove that gets switched up and punctuated by memorable vocal snippets, switches and edits, and a second-half full of more ideas than many producers would put in a whole release. Rounding off the whole package, and making a welcome return to the label, N-Monic turns in a remix of ‘One And The Same’ that proves yet again that Cork city is an absolute hotbed of Irish DnB excellence in 2022. All tunes have been mastered to perfection by Heights; say no more in other words.

“We have no answer to war other than to stand against it. We urge you to play these absolute rippers as loud as you can get away with, on the biggest speakers you can arrange, for crowds of your best friends, and their friends, and THEIR friends too. Welcome them all in, the stranger and friend and neighbour alike, and make the room shake with sub-bass, and make the many become one, because love, community and solidarity are the only forces that bombs and bullets are powerless against. Practice peace.” – inHabit Recordings

Check out our premiere of ‘Yes No Maybe’ below. The EP drops this Friday 4th March, make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!


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