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BRK drops ‘Rock & Roller / The Fonk’ on inHabit


inHabit Recordings are extremely pleased to announce their 13th release on the main label from BRK with ‘Rock & Roller / The Fonk’. While many other labels traditionally get a bit superstitious at this juncture and skip from 12 to 14, inHabit are so confident in the ability of this pair of absolute haymakers to get out to the populace without causing them undue stress that they’re going to tempt fate and keep the count going, fortune be damned.

Moving forward anyway, it brings them great joy to introduce the considerable talents of Hyperactivity Music bossman BRK to their ever-growing stable of international friends on the wee little Irish label. BRK hails from the great city of Marseilles, and apart from his prolific studio efforts, he keeps himself busy running parties and pushing his own Hyperactivity Music label forward. Recently celebrating five years in the game with a mammoth two-volume compilation featuring other French luminaries like Gunston and Peyo it’s clear you’re dealing with someone who’s going to be grinding away for many years to come. Salute!

On to the tunes anyway and listen, anyone who’s studied French revolutionary history will be no stranger to the impact an absolute banger from Marseilles can have at street level. I’m not necessarily saying this release will get the populace hammering up guillotines in the street, but play them at the right time and a lot of people will be losing their heads completely. Both have incredibly prosaic yet charmingly apt titles; ‘Rock & Roller’ both rocks and rolls. Job done.

Next up ‘The Fonk’ kicks off with a wavey melody and a distant vocal that gets swiftly filled out by slabs of bass so caustic you could sandblast steel with them, and the whole thing is tempered by delicate pads, nifty little 45 King edits, and a subtle vocal. Both of these cuts are fresher than this morning’s catch landing on the Quai Des Belges, we absolutely recommend you don’t just take our word for it, but that you buy them and play them as loud as humanly possible on a massive wall of bassbins. Once again and as always Height has worked his special spectral magic and mastered these tunes into cold coiled killers.

Today we premiere ‘The Fonk’ which you can check out below. The release drops on Friday 18th March, grab yourself a copy from Bandcamp now!

The Fonk cover

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