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DJ Komatose drops ‘Rollington’ EP on Bare Necessity Records


DJ Komatose is bringing the heat and his signature sound with this wicked new 4 track EP entitled ‘Rollington’ to the Bare Necessity Records family. If you’re looking for nimble accelerated drums, immense energetic basses and that catchy rift to keep you hooked this EP has it all!

31-year-old Ashley Perera, aka DJ Komatose, is a software engineer by day and a crowd-pleaser by night. The born and raised Brummie has 17 years of mixing experience under his belt and has been known to work the ones and twos on both vinyl and digital. Now with his own well-refined minimalistic and dark style, he’s been producing his own music for the last 15 years but the pandemic and lockdown proved advantageous, as 9 months of hard graft while furloughed saw his production game take off. Influenced by his very own blood, his cousin, 10 years his elder, is partially to thank for his presence on the scene; from his first rave to his first mix, he was right there to teach and inspire, as exemplified excellently by his quality music, Komatose has taken his advice and run with it. More big influences of his are Amoss, Enei and Kasra. For Komatose, the first and most difficult step was starting. Now making impressive and professional tracks, he has not only earnt places supporting Break, Zinc and Halogenix but has built up a dangerous new confidence which will really set him in good stead as he continues to make tunes and network with the scene to inevitably make more magic happen.

Check out our premiere of ‘Take It’ below. DJ Komatose’s ‘Rollington’ EP drops via Bare Necessity Records on Friday 25th March, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Rollington EP cover

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