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Tall Order drops a banger on Bowlcut Beats


Bowlcut Beats are back for their third release following their number 1 single by Objectiv and the formidable T>I.

This release sees man of the moment Tall Order link up with the talented vocalist Sydney. Together they’ve created an anthemic, Dancefloor banger in the form of ‘All Yours’. Tall Order shows maturity beyond his years and has created an ear-worm of a hook and luscious synths that keep the warmth through the high octane song. Amazing drums roll throughout the tune and a bassline erupts that will take the subs off any sound system, if not given the respect it deserves. The future is looking amazing for Tall Order and he once again demonstrates why he’s being talked up as a major talent and a Dancefloor producer to keep an eye on.

Next up is the Cyantific remix. What more can we say? The prodigal master has remixed the prodigal son. Cyantific turns the remix on its head and delivers a nastier, filthier version of ‘All Yours’ whilst keeping the authenticity of the original. Watch out for the 1st drop, we weren’t expecting it either! Cyantific shows why he’s released on every major label with this remix and he’s paid a sick homage to the original by Tall Order and the amazing vocals of Sydney. He has created a masterpiece of a remix to finish another strong outing from the Bowlcut Beats Crew.

Today we’re thrilled to premiere the original track. The single drops on 4th September on Bowlcut Beats. Check it out below and make sure you grab a copy from here


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