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Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Bashington


Jamie Bashington who goes by the artist name Bashington is a DJ, label owner and promoter based out of our hometown of Milton Keynes. He has been kicking around on the Drum & Bass scene for over 10 years. 

Originally starting out as an MC/Host for brands such as Breakin Science and Random Concept, and ending out hosting for DJs such as Kyrist, Bashington quickly began to become a recognisable face amongst various circles within the scene. 

After hanging up the mic, Bashington worked as an artist manager where he continued to evolve a roster of artists across various genres as a way of further pursuing the love for music whilst simultaneously running various events over the years. From the techy based nights Synrgy through to the most recent varied sub-genres event Off-Key, Bashington is no stranger to promoting Drum & Bass events and we can expect many more to come. 

The most recent venture however has seen Bashington set up and run the label Bowlcut Beats with Joe Bowlcut and Tall Order. The label is the sister company to the clothing cult Bowlcut Garms and follows the same “0 fucks” ethos.

Today we welcome Bashington to our Renegade Riddims series. We are going to be having more local artists on this mix series and Bashington is kicking it off, which we’re really excited about! This mix is packed out with forthcoming tracks from the label so be sure to give them a follow on socials and streaming paltforms!

Check out the mix below and download it for free from here!


Sum up this mix in 10 words…

Techy, Dark, Different to my usual style, Bowlcut Beats, DUBS

What’s your personal favourite track on it?

That is an incredibly tough question. I love all of the tracks I played and I can’t be biased and talk about tracks from my own label so I would probably have to say ‘St.Clair’ by Sabre, Stray & Halogenix. It’s been in my Rekordbox since it was released in 2012 and I still play it religiously now, I had to end the mix on it!

What’s the special ingredient in this mix?

I wanted to play a much darker and more techy mix than my usual style, anyone that’s heard me play out will know that I like to play crowd-pleasing tracks mixed with harder beats. I wanted to incorporate my style of mixing but with a different style of selection and I felt like this was the right platform to do it.

Tell us about your next EP?

I don’t produce but I do Co-own the label Bowlcut Beats. Our next EP is by Bristol based producer GLM and featured Manchester’s T-Man on the vocals. It also has Disrupta on the remix plus a huge colab with Teej. It’s out on the 25th March and you can hear some of the tracks in this mix.

What have you got coming up?

We have a busy year planned, we have releases locked off and ready up until November from a variety of artists such as Dunk, missledz, Trex, Teej, Slay & Jammez. We’re planning on getting some events up and running around the country and will be looking to share our music about as much as we can!

When was the last time you actually raved?

The last rave I went to was Overview vs Critical Records in December, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick since Christmas and I’m trying to take a break from partying in perpetration for a big summer!

And finally, do you have a special message for our readers?

I really hope you all enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed making it and please can everyone check out Bowlcut Beats on Instagram? Thank you!


Start Again – Calibre ft Chimpo (Bashington vocal dub)

Heartless – Felix Raymon & Invadhertz (Flexout)

The Sewers (FD Dank Drank Refix) – Bredren (Demand)

How About It – Invert Era (Bowlcut)

Shifted – Visages & Trail (Onyx)

Nice Up The Dance (Wingz remix) – Teej (Bowlcut)

Factory – Theoretical (Delta9)

State Of The Art – Jubei ft SPMC (Metalheadz)

Jacked – Ill Truth (Dub)

100% Robot –  The Sauce (Dub)

All Yours (Objectiv Remix) – Tall Order (Bowlcut Dub)

Time Tripping – Hazard (Playaz)

Last Breath – Foreign Concept (Critical)

Obsession – Enei ft DRS (Critical)

Code 3 VIP – Particle (Dub)

ID – Kyrist (Dub)

Cliff Dub (Ill Truth remix) – Boycott (Dub)

One Beat – Wingz (Overview)

Hit The Target – Break & DLR (Sofa Sound)

Count To Ten – Enei ft DRS (Critical)

Diplodocus (Skeptical remix) – Noisia (Vision)

Heavyweight (AMC Remic) – Dj Fresh (Breakbeat Kaos)

Shella – Kings of the Rollers ft Chimpo (Bashington vocal dub)

ID – Kyrist (Dub)

Snake Style – DLR & Perez (1985)

Switch Hunt – Particle & Molecular (Critical)

Couple Man Tried – GLM ft T-Man (Bowlcut)

Couple Man Tried (Disrupta remix)- GLM ft T-Man (Bowlcut)

Gatekeeper (Stokka bootleg) – DJ Fresh

Tell Me Part 2 – workforce (1985)

Blips – Perez & DLR (1985)

Please Discuss – GLM (Bowlcut)

Construct – Teej ft Fokus (Bowlcut)

Cocooned – Bungle (31)

Floating Zero – Phace & Noisia (Invisible)

Diesel – Sl8R (Delta9)

ID – Kyrist (Dub)

Never Say Never (Teej Remix) – Psychlo (Bowlcut)

Lunar Eclipse – Visages ft Strategy (1985)

Cargo – Monty (1985)

St. Clair – Sabre, Stray & Halogenix (Critical)