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Objectiv drops ‘Peck Yard’ on Bowlcut Beats


Bowlcut Beats are back for round 2, hot on the heels of their 1st release by Tall Order and Dread MC. If starting up up a Drum & Bass Label in the midst of a social lockdown and a pandemic is the sign of madness then Bowlcut Beats need a straight-jacket! They make light-work of the supposed dreaded 2nd release in the form of the single ‘Peck Yard’ by Bristolian badman Objectiv. He brings an absolute stinker of an original and it’s accompanied by a hefty remix by man of the moment and East Coast native T>I. ‘Peck Yard’ has been causing a stir on live streams all over the interweb and a lot of rewinds have been called for as a result of this dropping so we’re all really hyped for you all to hear this.

Today we premiere the original, which is a haunting bass-heavy roller that doesn’t fail to keep the listener on the edge of their seat, so you might as well get up and skank your heart out! If the raves were running this would be a constant mainstay, let’s just hope the speakers can hold up the subs.

T>I delivers an uncompromising, absolutely filthy remix and you can tell he’s had a lot of fun with this. In his own words “I never wanted to stop making this and she’s very perky.” The tune keeps rolling into a crescendo of furious drum rolls, fills and stinky bass.

Bowlcut show they’re not a one-hit-wonder and are in it for the long haul. Keep your eyes peeled on this Drum & Bass record label as they’re going to go places. One release per month is planned for 2020 and they’re just getting started…

We recently spoke to Bowlcut’s head honcho Joe about the launch of the brand’s record label and their future plans, which you can check out here.

Check out our premiere of ‘Peck Yard’ below. The release drops on Bowlcut Beats on 17th July so make sure you grab a copy of these monsters from here!


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