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Recam debuts on Impact Music with 2 tracker


Impact Music moves into the next part of their stacked release schedule through their forthcoming release from Recam. Boasting the same roots as the label, with each figure building separate parts of the French music scene, artist and imprint are coming together to provide more cutting-edge selections.

With Impact Music basing itself out of Lyon and Recam hailing from the French town Toulouse, a place renowned for its drum & bass exports, they join forces for the producer’s forthcoming EP. Impact Music label head Mc Fly DJ is notorious for selecting those French artists making the most noise across the wider music scene, bringing the countries sounds global and ensuring they adhere to the same high standards from release to release. That’s why Impact Music has become so buy on sight and why it receives the respect it has; it’s helped break names as well as provide a home for artists already widely recognised. But their grassroots support for the French scene is second to none.

Recam centres his sound around the more dancefloor flavours and in doing so offers two weighty cuts on the imprint. The EP starts with the explosive hooks to ‘Revenge’, a track geared towards DJs but one which will transport listeners back into club spaces. Piece by piece ‘Revenge’ works into its first breakdown with biting teeth and when it drops, you’re taking along for the ride. A garden of percussion lays itself out underneath each padded drum loop and despite its strings of melody to kick off the intro, it still pulls you into its darkest depths following a vocal call to arms.

The EP’s B-side is our premiere today and another reflection of Recam’s explosive moniker. ‘Encore’ mixes the light and dark elements to pull together a track which is both harmonious and a killer within every DJ list it finds itself nestled within. For an upcoming artist, this is a versatile and eye-catching debut. With the help of Impact Music, he’s set to push his music to an even wider audience.

Check out ‘Encore’ below. The EP drops as a Beatport exclusive on 3rd July and will available everywhere else on 17th July, you can grab it from here


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