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DT DNB Renegade Riddims

Renegade Riddims: Mc Fly Dj


For those who aren’t familiar already, Jean Lamouroux aka Mc Fly Dj is one of those guys who, years after beginning his journey is still pushing the art of DJing to the very best of his ability. He has recorded tons of mixes and podcasts for the likes of Neurofunkgrid, Eatbrain, Bass Music Magazine, Titan Records and Let it Roll just to name a few. He’s also won multiple DJ competitions as well as received votes from the don himself, A.M.C.

Mc Fly Dj is considered to be one of the best French Drum & Bass DJs of recent times and started his very own label Impact Music a few years ago, signing a whole bunch of talented artists such as Visages, Monty and The Caracal Project. Not one to be sat around he also has a radio show every Tuesday on DNB France Radio so make sure you check it out sometime!

After working together for a while, Mc Fly Dj hit me up to discuss the possibility of him doing a mix for our Renegade Riddims series, obviously, I was keen. So in this brand new mix from him, you will hear a deeper part of his musical journey which is more representative of the label he runs.

So, click the link below, plug your headphones in or turn your speakers up and enjoy the mix Mc Fly Dj has put together for us! You can download the mix from here


1 Skylark ‘The Chase’ (feat. LaMeduza)
2 Gerra & Stone ‘Criticize’
3 Submarine ‘Pastell’
4 Ill Truth ‘Alley-oop’
5 GLXY ‘Gingerbread’
6 Satl ‘Supposed to Be’
7 Walk_r ‘Oscillate’
8 Break ‘Got A Feelin’
9 Dub Head ‘Bass Face’
10 L-Side ‘The Void’
11 Gerra & Stone ‘Disillusion’
12 T>I ‘Foot Drop’
13 The Sauce ‘Kiss the Ring’
14 Stompz ‘Blow My Mind’
15 Filip Motovunski ‘For My Dogs’
16 Koffee ‘Toast’ (Clipz Bootleg)
17 Waeys ‘Acidic Love’
18 ID – ID
19 Circuits ‘Nervous System’
20 Kumo ‘Blood Pressure
21 ID – ID
22 Command Strange ‘Rockin’
23 Data 3 ‘Molecular’
24 ID – ID
25 T>I ‘Curtains’
26 Kodin ‘Ghost’
27 Kasra & Enei ‘Deep Fakes’
28 Creatures & Waeys ‘Nucleus’
29 Break ‘Tubes’
30 Abstrakt Vision ‘Delusion’
31 Think Tonk ‘What a Ting’ (L-Side Remix)
32 Traumatize ‘T3’
33 Mozey ‘Lady Killaz’
34 DLR ‘Banana Bread’
35 Dark Soldier ‘Dark Soldier’ (Benny L Remix)
36 Unglued & GLXY ‘Algorithm’
37 ID – ID
38 Amoss ‘Easily Suede’
39 ID – ID
40 ID – ID
41 Visages ‘Point Of View’ (Sustance Remix)
42 Vici ‘Dernier Souffle’
43 Kidsonic ‘Other Side’
44 Phil Tangent ‘Laminar Flow’


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