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Reviewed: Carl Cox, Seth Troxler & Joris Voorn go SIDEXSIDE



London Warehouse Events are well known for hosting nights you’ll never forget. SIDEXSIDE is certainly no exception. Held at the prestigious Tobacco Dock, a venue that can easily accommodate 5000 party goers. The daytime party boasted superstar lineup that would rival even the biggest festivals. As the name, SIDEXSIDE, suggests DJ’s were set to perform side by side or back to back, with huge names headlining such as Carl Cox, Joris Voorn, Seth Troxler to mention a few.

I had my ticket well before the event but as I was nearing Tobacco Dock you could tell straight away that it was sold out. Even though I arrived relatively early, the streets surrounding the building were filled with excited ravers. After joining the queue, I found myself in the venue rather quickly as the staff were very efficient and made sure everybody got inside as quickly as possible. As I made my way through the building, I became extremely grateful for the map I was given as I entered, as I tried to navigate the labyrinth of Tobacco Dock. Once I figured out where I was going, I headed over to the Great Gallery to catch Jon Rundell’s opening set. Even though the building was still filling up during his warm up, he had the crowd going to a frenzy. His set was extremely energetic with one particular highlight being when he dropped Brr by Tiger Stripes. The set was probably the best opening set I have ever witnessed and certainly wet my appetite for the rest of the day.

After Jon Rundell finished I went on a brief tour of the building and you could see the organisers had put a lot of thought into every aspect of the event. Within the massive venue there were three rooms. There were many bars scattered around the venue, with a cashless payment system that worked extremely well. There was also plenty of toilets and other facilities such as cash machines and even a nice variety of food. Thankfully there was no cloakroom as it had been replaced by lockers. After grabbing a drink in VIP I caught the final moments Theo Kottis. He was doing a great job with his gothic melodies thumping through the Little Gallery.


Once Theo Kottis was done I headed over to the car park to catch Seth Troller SXS with Craig Richards. As I entered the car park I straight away noticed how huge it was and it was filled to the brim. I can only imagine how many people were even in there as it seemed to stretch back for an eternity. Seth Troxler quickly got things started and was send pulsating bass right through the crowd. Documentary by Rogan Vega and the Holden remix of the Sky is Pink were greatly appreciated by party goers.


Midway through the set, I stumbled upon a secret party which new LWE Residents Andhim were hosting underneath the stairs. it was a crazy party with no more than a 100 people, all wearing pom-pom’s as wigs and waving inflatables, it was a pleasant surprise as I missed them earlier on in the day. Even as this crowd was much smaller than any other, they were still sending good vibes throughout.


As Carl Cox SXS with his special guest, who was earlier revealed to be the one and only Nic Fancuilli, was due to start I made my way to the Great Gallery. The synergy between the legends was immediately clear as they delivered a masterclass in techno. They controlled the crowd with ease as they explored the darkest depths of house and unleashed it with no hesitance. I was left in awe through as they dropped strong tracks such as the Plasma Mix of One Small Step and Domino by Oxio one after the other. The lights that accompanied the set were truly amazing and contributed to the electric atmosphere. They had every raver franticly dancing in unison with the baselines constantly pounding through, threatening to shake the very foundations of the building.


Afterwards I caught Joris Voorn SXS with Kölsch. Even as the night was coming to a close the crowd showed no signs of fatigue as they roared every drop, pumping their fists in the air. The duo showed their full set of tricks and it was greatly received. Once Joris Voorn’s own Ringo started blasting through the speakers the crowd went crazy. As the set was ending we were faced we the harsh reality that the night was all but over.

SIDEXSIDE was just yet another example of exactly why LWE are so respected. The organisation of the event was absolutely flawless. Even with the sheer amount of people at the venue, it had everything you could ask for and more. It was great to have such a good time so early in the year and I’ll be sure to be attending another LWE event soon.


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