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Todd Terje & Lindstrøm – Lanzarote

Data Transmission January 30, 2013

LanzaroteScore: 8/10Label: Olsen

Todd Terje & Lindstrøm ended 2012 with themselves featuring in many ‘Best Of’ lists and now, despite already kind of working together before, they start the year with an official collaboration which will probably be the first of many.

Lanzarote‘ incorporates many elements from both of their original productions. However, it’s the force of Lindstrøm and his space-disco melody that makes the basis of the track. The dancefloor nous is provided by Terje for this slightly camp and mildly balearic offering. Curiously, the fade-out on the original mix seems to be leading to another track, hinting at another release.

There is a radio edit, which keeps things tight and compact for those who need a shorter version to play and there is a remix from diskJokke which is tons of fun for those who want a slightly synth heavier, beepier ride. Keep an eye open for the vinyl release due out in a month or so.


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