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Tested: Ministry of Sound MOS600


mos600.jpgThe Ministry of Sound MOS600 headphones have a great number of plus points & only a couple of minor negatives. The major plus is quality of sound; the quality and the depth of sound on these cans are great and you can tell Ministry of Sound have crafted them with the DJ in mind!    The kicks are solid and bass has a great warm feel to it, at the other end of the scale the top end is crisp and clear, vocals sound inviting and general sense of being able to wear a comfortable headphone and get lost in a mix / album is definitely present.   The other major plus point is the sound stays in and the outside world stays out. We tested them on a wide scope of music in only data transmission style and across the dance spectrum all sounded great!    The downs are they don’t fold which others at this price do and when travelling them in a bag it means they take up a bit of space and you get the sense they could break easily.   Taking of price, we feel for the sum of £39.99 this is great value for money and definitely worth the purchase. If you don’t fancy the overhead version then there are 6 other types in the range including inner-ear buds. For more information, click here.

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